Top 10 Best Must-Have Tailgating Accessories

Top 10 Best Must-Have Tailgating Grill Accessories

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Accessorizing your grill is one of the many ways to spice up your tailgating experience. It allows you to be diverse in the way you use your grill, which always impresses the crowd. However, finding the right accessory that is well suited for your grill can be difficult at times. I am pretty sure you have spent tons of time burning through the internet trying to satisfy your grill accessory needs.

Well, at Simply Tailgating, we completely understand how you feel and have happily taken on this daunting task so you don’t have to. We’ve done our usual extensive research in order to perfectly tailor our Top 10 Best Must-Have Tailgating Grill Accessories to get you closer to that ultimate tailgating experience.

We’ve taken into account different types of grills, affordability, portability and suitability of these must-have accessories. So let’s get into it, shall we?

Grill Covers

As we all know, weather can be quite unpredictable. When the sky opens up, the rain can ruin the whole tailgating experience as well as your grill. Grills, especially electric and gas grills, can be fragile when exposed to extreme weather, which can severely affect its performance as well as quality. This is why your grill needs all the protection it can get.

Grill covers are made specifically for this. Most grill covers are waterproof and will do a pretty good job shielding your grill from the rain.

They are also good at protecting your grill from dust which can cause blockages in ventilation and grease management systems. Be sure to choose one that is compatible with your grill. Here are a couple grill covers you can check out:

Lid Latch

Transporting your grill can be a risky and nerve-wrecking affair if we’re being honest. If not packed and secured properly, your grill components may fall out and get damaged. Installing a lid latch adds an extra layer of protection to your grill.

Furthermore, it can be used to trap steam in the grill which is perfect for slow cooking. It’s also important to note that lid latches are easy to use and install. Here are some you can install on almost any other grill:


For your food to cook through evenly and well, you need to keep an eye on your grill’s heat and temperature. High temperatures can cook your food too fast and unevenly while low temperatures will force you to serve lunch at dinner time.

This is why having a thermometer while tailgating is a must. Furthermore, some grills don’t have in-built thermometers so you should invest in one so you can monitor the temperature manually. Here are a couple of reliable models you can check out:


Griddles are the perfect tailgating grill accessories if you love trying new grilling skills. Believe me, your friends and family will be impressed when you show off some new grilling techniques with different types of foods.

If you are looking for an alternative to grilling grates then griddles are worth the try. They are versatile, as they can be installed on top of your existing grill or you can replace it entirely.

Grilling griddles can be used in both charcoal and gas grills. They are made from a variety of materials so you have a wide range to choose from including:

Portable Stands

Tailgating can take us to the most unexpected of places. It fills us with a sense of adventure and wonder that nudges us to explore the world around us. With this comes the unforeseen problem of terrain which can heavily undermine your grill set up.

Portable stands come in handy in such situations. They enhance your grills portability allowing you to access various locations that previously seemed inaccessible.

Furthermore, some portable stands come with adjustable legs which is good if you need to adjust the grill’s height. If you have a tabletop grill and love outdoor activities then a portable stand is a must have accessory. Here are a couple of examples of tailgating grill stand accessories:

Tool Sets

Most grills don’t come with a tool set. But every griller needs a grilling tool set that allows you to be adventurous with your grilling. Such grilling tools include skewers, tongs, spatulas, knives and a rotisserie.

It’s important to note that they are made out of different materials so you can choose one that meets your preference and won’t scrape off your grilling surface. Here are a couple of our favorites:

Grease Bucket and Trays

Cleaning up after tailgating is the least enjoyable part of the day, especially if your grill comes with a faulty or inefficient grease management system. Grease trays and buckets are a must have accessory as they will help you get through the cleaning process.

By simply placing them under your grill they will collect grease and excess drippings, which will reduce the occurrence of grease accumulation that can be difficult to clean and hazardous. The trays and buckets should be cleaned regularly to ensure they are effective. Here are a couple of reliable picks:

Cutting Boards

These are some of the cheapest grilling accessories available. With the limited preparation area space most grills offer, having a cutting board will save you tons of trouble. It gives you the freedom to prepare large amounts of food at one go and at the same time keep your prep area clean.

They come in a wide variety of materials such as wood and plastic, some with additional accessories and designs to make your cutting even more convenient. Here are a couple of examples:


Grilling grates are the perfect must have tailgating grill accessories for charcoal grills and open flame lovers. For a quality tailgating experience you must have a quality grilling grate that suits your grill. When accessorizing your grill with grates always consider the material.

Some grates can’t withstand high temperatures while others rust easily. It’s also important to note that you should season your grilling grates regularly to ensure easier cleaning and to prevent rust and food from sticking. Here are a couple of popular ones you can check out:

Propane Hose

If you’re a gas grill lover then you must have experienced faulty propane hoses. For one reason or another, your hose isn’t supplying enough gas to your burner which in turn affects your grill’s performance and output. Apart from being a nuisance, this can be hazardous if not dealt with hastily.

This stresses the need of having a proper quality propane hose that is airtight and can withstand harsh weather conditions. Accessorizing your grill with a good propane hose will not only improve your overall tailgating experience but also ensure your safety. Here are a couple of examples you can check out:

Final Thoughts

Accessorizing with these tailgating grill accessories is exciting and at the same time useful and necessary. It not only fills the gaps to make your grill whole but also allows you to be creative when tailgating. When shopping for these essential accessories, always make sure you look into affordability, quality and, most importantly, compatibility.

It’s our hope that this list has been useful and you now have all the info you need. You can get these must-have accessories on at the best prices. Have I told you about their amazing offers? Prime Members get Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Delivery!!

Thank you for reading this review. Feel free to leave a comment down below. We always appreciate your feedback! If you’re looking for a tailgating grill and their compatible accessories, check out these tailgating grills we’ve reviewed.



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