NFL Instant Pop Up Canopy Tent Review

NFL Instant Pop Up Canopy Tent Review: Ultimate Tailgating Tent?

For me, a tailgate party is not complete without some display showing off my allegiance to my sports teams. Well, one of the easiest ways to display your team colors to the world (or just those in the parking lot) is through a tailgating tent. Since you probably need the tent anyway, what better way

Top 10 Best 10x10 Shelters for Tailgating (1)

Top 10 Best 10×10 Instant Canopy Shelters For Tailgating

Choosing the Best 10×10 Instant Canopy Shelters For Tailgating is anything but easy. With so many options to consider, marketing hype to avoid, and a budget to control, settling on one can bring the “needle in a haystack” feeling to the whole shopping experience. But worry not. After analyzing thousands of user reviews and compiling our

Leader Accessories Pop Up Canopy Review

Leader Accessories Pop Up Canopy Tent Review: Worth The Money?

If you’ve ever gone tailgating without any form of protection against harsh weather, then you know a shelter is an absolute necessity. The weather may wreak havoc in ways you can’t begin to ponder, but with the right protection you can enjoy your tailgate with peace of mind. However, not all tent manufacturers will mean

Caravan Canopy V-Series 2 Pro Review

Caravan Canopy V-Series 2 Pro Review: Is It Reliable?

They say there’s no party like a tailgate party. But with all the fun and festivities comes the need to protect yourself from the forces of nature. You probably feel the same way and that’s why you’re going through Caravan Canopy V-Series 2 Pro reviews to determine whether it’s indeed a worthy buy. So we

E-Z UP Ambassador Instant Shelter Review

E-Z UP Ambassador Instant Shelter Review: Worthwhile or Useless?

Downing a few cold ones at the local watering hole over the weekend sure sounds great, but I prefer tailgating with a couple of friends before the big game. My essentials always include a grill, a cooler stocked with adult beverages, mouth watering food and snacks and, of course, a tent. Things can go south

MasterCanopy Ez Pop-Up Tent review

MasterCanopy Ez Pop-Up Tent Review: Worth The Money?

There’s simply no telling how much fun you can have while tailgating, especially when the cooler is stocked and there’s some type of meat sizzling on the grill. But things can go south pretty quickly if you don’t account for the weather. Mother Nature can be pretty nasty, but these problems can be avoided if

CORE 10x10 Instant Canopy Review (1)

CROWN SHADES Portable Pop-Up Tent Review: Hot Buy or Pass?

While tailgating, it’s all fun and games until the sun becomes blinding or the heavens open up and you have to seek shelter. Unless you don’t mind getting sunburn or weathering a storm like a devil-may-care dork, you simply need a tent during such events. So if you’re here, you are probably shopping for an

Eurmax 10x10 Pop-Up Canopy Review

Eurmax 10×10 Pop-Up Canopy Review: Worthy or Overhyped?

Before setting out to any tailgating event, a few questions are always asked. Will it rain? How unbearable will the sun be? Will Joe burn the meat this time? And most importantly, will our team lose AGAIN? Putting all that into perspective can be overwhelming. But you don’t have to worry much about the weather

CORE 10x10 Instant Canopy Review

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Review: Bargain or Waste of Money?

Any tailgate outing deserves uninterrupted fun whether its under the sun or during inclement weather. So it goes without saying that a shelter is simply a necessity. But not all tents fit the bill as reliable shades and that’s probably why you’re going through CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy reviews to determine whether the tent is

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Review

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Review: Is It Any Good?

Tailgating is my most accurate definition of a great weekend. In my crazy group of friends, I have the cooler guy, the grill guy, the designated driver and, of course, the shelter guy. If you happen to be the guy in charge of the tent, you probably already know that while mostly overlooked, tailgating shelters