Nike NFL Limited Vapor Jersey Review

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If you are like me, you always come prepared when tailgating. Delicious food, tasty beverages and proper equipment always does the trick. But sometimes you may ask yourself, how can I bring this tailgate party to the next level? Well, one idea is to require the whole squad to rock their favorite team jerseys. This certainly elevates the level of competition, even though you all are not playing in the big game. This is probably why you are here today going through Nike NFL Limited Vapor Jersey reviews.

If you are thinking of buying a football jersey then you’ve come to the right place. We, here at Simply Tailgating, love doing all the dirty work to make sure your jersey search is as easy as possible. In our Nike NFL Limited Vapor Jersey review below, we’ve highlighted all you need to know about this jersey. Do you think this is the perfect jersey for you? Keep scrolling to find out!

About Nike Products:

Company Highlights

  • Company name: Nike
  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Beaverton, Oregon

Nike is a popular American brand that designs and manufactures sports apparel and activewear. It’s no surprise they are the official uniform supplier for the NFL. On top of that, they are known for their high quality products with stores all around the world.

Nike NFL Limited Vapor Jersey Design and Key Features:

The Limited Vapor Jersey is a popular jersey among football fans. Here are some key design features that make this jersey stand out from the rest:

100% polyester – The jersey is made from 100% recycled polyester. As a result, it is light in weight and breathable.

Slender modern fit – If you love a regular fit then this is perfect for you. The jersey is true to size. This means you won’t need to size up or down trying to find a fitting size. The jersey fits your body without being too tight or baggy.

Vapor untouchable design – Nike introduced this design to reduce the amount of grab points for the players. As a result, the number of panels on this jersey are reduced and they all converge at the back. This means the jersey lays flat over your chest for a comfortable fit.

Neckline with chainmalle mesh – The neckline on this jersey is lined with a chainmalle mesh. This mesh prevents the collar neck from stretching for added durability.

Stitched team graphics – This jersey offers a premium finish. The numbers, letters, badges and the NFL shield are stitched into the fabric.

Sewn-on name plate – The letters at the back have been stitched into a name plate that is further sewn onto the fabric. This gives the jersey an authentic look.

Nike Dri-Fit technology with strategic ventilation – With Dri-Fit you are assured of a sweat free experience when wearing the jersey. The fabric is water resistant. Also, to help with this, the jersey features strategic ventilation to keep your body dry.

Tagless collar – For a comfortable fit this jersey has a tagless collar.

Metallic NFL shield at base of V-neck – The NFL shield on this jersey is metallic. Furthermore, it’s stitched at the base of the V-neck collar.

Nike NFL Limited Vapor Jersey Visual Appeal:

Aesthetics are important. Rocking a clean jersey that leaves everyone speechless is the best way to earn bragging rights. The Nike Limited Jersey is simply stunning. The vapor untouchable design gives this jersey a clean flat finish. With fewer panels, this jersey looks well designed and hugs your body for a comfy fit. In addition, the stitched team graphics offer a premium finish. Running your fingers over the stitched graphics will give you goosebumps. However, the highlight of this jersey is its slender modern fit. The fit looks incredibly good on you. It is true to size. You won’t find yourself having to size up or down. Furthermore, you can get a variety of colors and styles (alternate and color rush) for some players.

Visual Appeal Rating: 5/5

Nike NFL Limited Vapor Jersey Durability:

Football jerseys aren’t regular apparels we wear everyday. They are much more. They represent our passion and love for our teams and favorite players. As a result, we invest in high quality jerseys with the aim of owning them for years. The NFL Limited Vapor Jersey is highly durable. The V-neck collar is lined with a chainmalle mesh. This prevents the neckline from stretching too much. Also, the team graphics are stitched into the fabric. The dark days of dealing with graphics that fade and peel off are gone. Furthermore, the 100% polyester used to make this jersey will last long.

Durability Rating: 5/5

Nike NFL Limited Vapor Jersey Comfort:

Tailgating while enjoying football sounds like a sweaty affair. The heat from the grill coupled with the jumping up and down will have you dripping in sweat. This can be quite uncomfortable. However, with the Vapor Jersey, you will never have to worry about this. It comes with Dri-Fit technology that makes it water-resistant. Furthermore, it comes with strategic ventilation. This leaves your body dry. Apart from that, it features a tagless collar. This ensures the back of your neck is free from nagging tags. In addition, the 100% polyester is extremely light. This enhances the comfort of the jersey. Wearing this jersey will allow you to do more for longer without any compromise to comfort.

Comfort Rating: 5/5

Nike NFL Limited Vapor Jersey Price:

If you are impressed by the Nike NFL Limited Vapor Jersey it will cost you around$159. This jersey is a premium item hence you’ll have to be willing to part with a few more bucks compared to other jerseys. Want to know where you can purchase this jersey from and enjoy amazing offers and discounts? Check out They are the best way to save money. Their offers and special deals will definitely have you coming back for more.

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Nike NFL Limited Vapor Jersey Assurance:

Once in a while, your favorite player gets traded. This can be a tough pill to swallow. However, your favorite player getting traded days after you bought their jersey is impossible to swallow. realized this and came up with a Jersey Assurance program to protect you from this tragedy. They offer a free jersey replacement when your favorite active pro player gets traded within 90 days of your purchase. You can read more on this here.

What Do We Like?

The Nike Limited Jersey comes with many amazing features. Here are a few that blew us away:

Premium finish – The finish on this jersey is impeccable. The stitching of team graphics gives it a premium look and feel. You’ll definitely be able to differentiate this from other jerseys.

Sleeves are of a good length – Unlike other jerseys, the sleeves on this jersey aren’t obnoxiously long. They come at a reasonable length which adds to the visual appeal of this jersey.

Vapor untouchable design – With the vapor untouchable design, your jersey will rest flat over your body. This elevates the visual appeal as well as comfort to heights you’ve not experienced before. As a result, this jersey has a clean design and is comfortable to wear.

Extremely comfy – The Dri-Fit technology works hand in hand with the strategic ventilation to keep your body as dry as possible. You will be able to do more without your jersey feeling sticky on your skin. In addition, the 100% polyester is light in weight. This adds extra comfort as the jersey won’t wear you down

Highly durable – This jersey has been made to last long. The chainmalle mesh in the neckline of the collar prevents it from stretching too much. In addition to that, the team graphics are stitched onto the fabric. This means the letters and numbers won’t fade or peel off.

Other Nike NFL Jerseys To Consider:

If you are still keeping your options open, then here are some Nike Limited Vapor Jersey alternatives we’ve reviewed in the past:

Should You Buy The Nike NFL Limited Vapor Jersey?

If you are looking for an authentic football jersey, then the Nike Vapor Jersey is for you. It comes with premium finishes that make it stand out. The team graphics are stitched onto the fabric instead of the traditional heat printing technology used on other jerseys. Additionally, it comes with Dri-Fit technology. This allows you to do more by keeping sweat off your body. Durability is important and this jersey embodies it. The chainmalle mesh prevents the collar neckline from stretching. Also, the graphics don’t fade or peel off. Have I mentioned the slender fit this jersey comes with? It is true to size and you won’t have to size up or down. The regular fit is perfect for all body sizes. Furthermore, the vapor untouchable gives this jersey a clean flat design.

If you are convinced and feel this is the jersey for you visit today. They have amazing promos and deals that will definitely save you money.

Best Features

  • Premium finish
  • Sleeves are of good length
  • Vapor untouchable design
  • Extremely comfy
  • Highly durable

Thank you for taking time to read my Nike NFL Limited Vapor Jersey review. Your feedback is welcomed so feel free to leave a question or comment in the comments section below. If you still have any unanswered questions or want to know more about this jersey feel free to visit the product’s page on



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