Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner Review

Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner Review: Worth The Money?

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If you’re a tailgater, or just love the outdoors, I bet you value a good portable grill. The question is whether the Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner makes the cut. This is probably why you’re going through Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner reviews.

Well, as usual, Simply Tailgating has got your back and compiled all the information you need to know about this grill in this Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner review. As you will see, there are some shocking truths you may want to know about before you invest your hard-earned cash into the grill. So let’s fire things up, shall we?

About Camp Chef Grills: 

Company Highlights

  • Company Name: Camp Chef
  • URL:
  • Address: 3985 N 75 W, Hyde Park, UT 84318-4111
  • Business Management: Ty Measom, President

Camp Chef grills and products found online at, is an American manufacturer of grills and grill accessories, including the Camp Chef Pro Grill Box. Started in 1990, the company has grown from a small startup to a celebrated household manufacturing leader, creating innovative grills with an added modern savor.

Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner Features:

Feature Highlights

  • Fuel Source: Propane
  • Cooking Capacity: 384 Sq. In.
  • Burners: 3
  • Construction: Cast iron grill grates, coated steel frame
  • Elevation: Table-top, or stand-up with a compatible stove stand
  • Size & Weight: 16 x 24 x 7 inches; 33 pounds
  • Assembly: Not required

The combination of reliability, efficiency and functionality is necessary to even come close to the perfect grilling experience. With that in mind, let’s dive in and take a look at the Camp Chef Pro Grill Box features and see if it has what it takes to be the best:

384 Square Inch Cooking Space – This grill provides ample space for your tailgating needs, allowing for large enough servings for every cooking round. This will keep the heat off of you when you are surrounded by a bunch of hungry fanatics.

Built-In Thermometer – With this feature, you don’t have to babysit your grill and can focus on winning your cornhole game.

Hinged and Vented Lid – This feature equates to convenience, as you don’t have to keep opening and closing the lid while cooking. The lid also acts as a windbreaker, while providing a cover against dust and dirt.

Heat Diffusion Technology – This technology ensures that heat is distributed evenly across the grill, meaning you shouldn’t expect cold spots or unevenly-cooked food.

Compatible with Camp Chef Stoves – The Pro Grill Box 3 Burner can fit onto Camp Chef stove models GB90D, TB90LW, TB90, TB90LWG, TB90LWG15, SPG90B, CCH2, CCH3, and CCH4. This means you can grill on one side and use other cooking methods on the other side.

Other Notable Features:

  • Black finish
  • Stainless steel grill box
  • Removable grates

Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner Cleaning and Maintenance:

How clean you keep your grill is the mark of a true BBQer. Some grills, especially charcoal grills, are fairly easy to clean but things get a little tricky with propane burners. So here’s how you clean the Camp Chef Pro Grill Box:

This unit comes with removable cast-iron grates to reduce the hassle of cleaning the grill. Just season the grill with vegetable oil after cleaning it with warm, soapy water and a strong scrub. You can also clean the cook box and frame with a grill brush.

When the skillet is still warm rinse it with warm water, as cold water may strain the iron. Use a brush to rub off the stuck food particles and pat down with a towel before allowing it to air dry. Be sure to let the skillet dry completely to keep off rust.

Store the grill in a Camp Chef carry bag, to prevent any damage to the grill which may otherwise occur if left unattended. The Camp Chef carry bag can be found on

Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner Portability:

The Camp Chef Pro Grill Box after full assembly measures 24” x 15 ¾” x 7” and weighs 33 lbs. With that size and weight, carrying the grill around shouldn’t be a problem. But then again it’s a tabletop grill, so you should expect to feel the 33 lbs while taking it to your setup area. All the same, compared to most other Camp Chef tabletops, this grill is effectively portable.

Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner Warranty:

The Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner comes with a one year warranty. The warranty, however, does not cover normal wear of parts, misuse or alterations made to the grill. So you may want to run point with Camp Chef customer service before you make any alterations.

But dealing with warranty issues and returns can be rough at times. That’s why you’re better off shopping on to put your mind at ease with easy returns and reliable customer service.

Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner Accessories:

The Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner may seem like an independently functional grill. But there are always some accessories you can add to improve the overall experience with this grill. Here is a list of some of these accessories:

You can get these accessories on where you’re guaranteed deals and offers, like free and fast shipping with the 1-3 Day Free Delivery if you’re a Prime member.

Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner Replacement Parts:

As you can probably tell so far, we think the Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner is a great grill. However, this grill like most is not immune to damage. The good news is that you will not be forced to buy a whole new grill if certain parts break down. Here is a list of parts that are replaceable for this grill:

  • Disposable grease bucket
  • Drip tray
  • Dual meat probe controller for grill and slide
  • Camp Chef regulator hose set
  • Leg levelers
  • Grill knobs
  • Double burner stove
  • Replacement handle

Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner Cost:

The Camp Chef Pro Grill Box is a versatile unit well worth the price. You can get it for not more than $100 in most stores. But scoring a great deal online goes beyond comparing prices. If you have an eye for savings, discounts and deals, you may want to check out

What Do We Like?

Based on what you read so far, you can tell that we think the Camp Chef Pro Grill Box is special. So here are some of the things we love about it:

Compatible with other models of Camp Chef 16” stoves – You can use this grill with Camp Chef 16” stoves simultaneously. This not only adds to the amount of food that can be prepared in one round, but it also allows for increased methods of cooking, from grilling to smoking, with more than one stove in operation at the same time.

Heat Diffuser Plates – This grill comes with a patented heat diffuser plate essential in converting flames to infrared heating. This is used to evenly heat the cast-iron grill.

Accurate cooking – The built-in temperature gauge ensures that the food is cooking at the right temperature. We all love it when we have the option to cook our meat to the preferred level.

Cast Iron Grates – Most BBQers prefer cast iron grills to porcelain enameled or ceramic-based grates. These grates, together with the heat diffuser plates, allow for grease drippings to evaporate and infuse with the meat.

Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner Complaints:

Well, everything sounds great so far, but you know better than to go all-in without hearing the negatives about the grill. So here’s what you may not like about the Camp Chef Pro Grill Box:

Cumbersome to wash – Although they come with detachable grates, the inside is still quite problematic to wash. Some customers have said that there are hard-to-reach parts that are not designed for easy cleaning.

Thermometer problems – Some customers have complained of thermometer problems, with incorrect and inaccurate readings at increasing temperatures.

Other Tailgating Grills To Consider:

So if you don’t like what you have read about this grill, you can check out some Camp Chef Pro Grill Box alternatives we’ve reviewed before below:

Should You Buy The Camp Chef Pro Grill Box 3 Burner?

If you are an avid tailgater, then the Camp Chef Pro Grill Box is a great choice. The affordability, portability, and capability of fitting with Camp Chef stoves makes it a personal favorite. It comes with enough accessories, and is easy to set up, giving you more time to focus on other fun tailgating activities.

The Pro Grill Box 3 is definitely a keeper, although some have argued that it’s not the best for tailgating as you’ll need to have a compatible stove to get the most out of it. Well, I would say that depending on the intended use and maintenance, it should serve you diligently for a long time. If you’re sold, you can get it on and take advantage of the 1-3 Day Free Delivery if you’re a Prime member.

What’s Hot

  • Affordable (under $100)
  • Heat diffuser plates
  • Portability
  • Fits on Camp Chef stoves

What’s Not

  • Cumbersome to clean
  • Thermometer problems

So that’s my Camp Chef Pro Grill Box review. Did we miss anything? Please feel free to comment right down there below. Do you still have other questions? You can find answers to those questions on the grill’s Amazon page.


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