Nike NFL Legend Jersey Review

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When I think of tailgating I think of three things: food, drinks and team gear. The thrill of wearing your team colors as you flip burgers on the grill and drink some brewskies is unmatched. Although, I recommend waiting until game time to put on your gear because you do not want to spill anything on it while tailgating. Believe me, I learned the hard way! Regardless, this is all part of the experience and why we love sports! Of course, one of the best ways to express your love for your favorite football team is sporting your very own NFL jersey. This is probably why you are here today. I’m pretty sure you’ve been checking out Nike NFL Legend Jersey reviews trying to figure out how they compare to other types of jerseys.

Well, worry no more. Here, at Simply Tailgating, we have everything you need. We don’t mind doing the dirty work of compiling and scouting for information all over the internet. In our Nike NFL Legend Jersey review below, we have highlighted everything you need to know about this type of jersey. Wondering whether this will be a great buy? Stop wondering and keep scrolling to find out!

About Nike Products:

Company Highlights

  • Company name: Nike
  • Website:
  • Headquarters: Beaverton, Oregon

Nike is a popular American brand that designs and manufactures sports apparel and active wear. It’s no surprise they are the official uniform supplier for the NFL. They are known for their high quality products with stores all around the world.

Nike NFL Legend Jersey Design and Key Features:

The Nike Legend Jersey is quite different from the other types of jerseys. Here are the key things that separate this jersey from the rest:

Made from 100% polyester – Unlike other jerseys made out of cotton, this is made from 100% polyester. This makes it lightweight, breathable and cheaper compared to other jerseys.

Standard streamlined fit – The legend jerseys fit like a normal shirt. It is neither too slim nor baggy. Hence loads of people refer to it as a ‘shirsey’. Furthermore, it’s true to size. No need to size up or down trying to find one that will fit you perfectly.

Sublimated numbers, letters and graphics – The graphics of this jersey are sublimated into it. This means that ink has been heated into the fabric making it one and you’ll never have to worry about the graphics peeling off.

Dri-Fit technology – It comes with an innovative polyester fabric design that helps keep you dry and comfortable for longer.

TPU shield at V-neck – A thermoplastic polyurethane layer has been added to the V-neck collar. This enhances the durability of the collar.

Tagless collar – The collar on this jersey has no tags. This enhances the comfort of this jersey.

NFL shield at front of collar – The base of V-neck collar features the NFL shield. The shield is woven into the fabric.

Woven jock tag – It features a jock tag on the bottom left of the jersey. This tag has been woven into the fabric.

Nike NFL Legend Jersey Visual Appeal:

Not only is wearing your team colors a sign of passion for the sport but also one for aesthetics. Rocking a stunning team jersey is something we all dream about. The Legend Jersey makes your dreams come true. The funny thing is, this jersey looks stunning because of how it fits. This shirsey has a standard streamlined fit. This means it’s not too slim or baggy. As a result of this, it’s perfect for everyday wear. However, if you love an authentic jersey look then this will disappoint you. It doesn’t come with all the premium stitching. In addition, it is made from 100% polyester instead of cotton. Despite these shortcomings, the legend jersey still looks pretty good. Plus, some players come with a choice of colors and style (alternate, inverted and color rush).

Visual Appeal Rating: 4/5

Nike NFL Legend Jersey Durability:

Jerseys don’t come cheap. We spend hefty bucks on them and it’s only natural for us to expect a high quality product. The Nike Legend Jersey is of high quality. This means it will last long. Team graphics are notorious for peeling off jerseys. However, with the legend jersey, this never happens. The graphics have been sublimated into the fabric. Furthermore, the collar features a TPU shield. This adds extra durability by ensuring your collar never tears or wears out. In spite of the budget friendly materials used to craft this jersey, you won’t have to replace it often.

Durability Rating: 4/5

Nike NFL Legend Jersey Comfort:

The whole essence of the Legend Jersey is to provide comfort. As we all know, football jerseys can be extremely heavy to wear. The 100% polyester used to make the fabric is lightweight and breathable. In addition, the true to size fit isn’t too slim or too baggy. This means it fits like a normal shirt and is comfortable for everyday wear. You won’t have to size up and down trying to find a comfy fit. Have I mentioned the Dri-Fit technology incorporated into the fabric? This genius invention is able to keep sweat off your body. You will be able to do more for longer without any compromise to comfort.

Comfort Rating: 5/5

Nike NFL Legend Jersey Price:

If you are thinking of buying an NFL Legend Jersey of your favorite player it will cost you around $90. If you are wondering where you can purchase this type of jersey, I know just the place.! They have amazing deals and offers and an enormous selection of jerseys of your favorite players. Their prices are so good you’ll have yourself buying the whole family jerseys.

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Nike NFL Legend Jersey Assurance:

We all know how hectic trade season often is. You have probably bought a jersey and your favorite player gets traded. It once happened to me and boy did I curse and cry. However, the pain and heartache is now avoidable. Fanatics Jersey Assurance program offers a free jersey replacement when your favorite active pro player switches teams within 90 days of purchase. You can read more on the terms and conditions here.

What Do We Like?

The NFL Legend Jersey is quite incredible. Here are a few things that we liked the most:

Extremely comfortable – This jersey is made from 100% polyester. The material is extremely light in weight. In addition, it comes with a tagless collar. This means you won’t have tags scratching at your neck when you wear this jersey. Furthermore, the Dri-Fit technology keeps sweat off your body for longer lasting comfort.

Graphics don’t peel off – The letters, numbers and team graphics have been sublimated into the jersey fabric. You’ll be able to machine wash this jersey without fear of the graphics tearing off.

Incredible fit – Jerseys should be comfortable. This is exactly what the legend jersey offers. It comes with a true to size fit. You won’t have to size up or down. Furthermore, it fits like a normal shirt. No wonder people refer to it as a ‘shirsey’.

Cheap – We all want to represent our favorite football time. Being able to wear a quality jersey at a budget friendly price is quite exciting. This saves you from the embarrassment of wearing terrible knock offs.

Nike NFL Legend Jersey Complaints:

Despite it’s amazing features, the Nike Legend Jersey falls short in one area. Here is the only complaint we found about this jersey:

Lacks premium finishes – If you are a fan of stitching, then this jersey will disappoint you. It has been made to be budget friendly so it lacks premium finishing. Regardless of how good the sublimated graphics are, you’ll often feel the jersey is missing something.

Should You Buy The Nike NFL Legend Jersey?

If you are thinking of buying a jersey at a pocket friendly price or for everyday wear then you should consider the Nike Legend Jersey. It is the cheapest quality NFL jersey on the market. It comes with a true to size fit. This means it is a standard fit that isn’t too baggy or too slim. You can wear this ‘shirsey’ for a variety of occasions without feeling out of place. In addition, it comes with exciting features that focus on comfort. These include the tagless collar as well as Dri-Fit technology fabric. Are you wondering whether this jersey is durable? The answer is yes. The graphics are sublimated and won’t peel off. This jersey is definitely a great value for money.

If you are convinced this is the best option for you then make sure to visit Their amazing deals and offers will have you looking like a football player on a budget.

Best Features

  • Extremely comfortable
  • Incredible fit
  • Graphics don’t peel off
  • Cheap

Worst Features

  • Lacks premium finishes

Thank you for taking time to read my Nike NFL Legend Jersey review. We highly appreciate your feedback so feel free to drop a comment or question below. If you have any unanswered questions feel free to visit the products page of Thanks!





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