Trekology Portable Camping Table Review: Must Have Tailgating Table?

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When planning our tailgating escapades, we often pack our tailgating grills, coolers, food and music. We reach the site, set up our equipment and realize something is amiss. We realize we don’t have a table we can use to place our equipment and food on. This often results in us using the tailgate of our trucks or the ground. If you’ve experienced this before, I’m pretty sure you know how frustrating it can be. This is probably why you are here today, reading through Trekology Portable Camping Table reviews.

We’ll, if you’re reading and researching camping tables, you’re in luck. Here, at Simply Tailgating, we have all the information you need. We’ve made it our mission to make your tailgating experience as smooth as it should be. In our Trekology Portable Camping Table review below, we’ve covered all the bases regarding this tailgating set. Want to know whether this is the table that will elevate your tailgating experiences to new heights? Keep scrolling to find out!

About Trekology Products:

Company Highlights

  • Company Name: Trekology
  • Corporate Website:
  • Headquarters: Portland, Oregon

Trekology is an American company that focuses on the development and production of outdoor gear, such as camping tables, chairs, sleeping bags and hiking gear. They are known for their innovative designs as well as their high quality products.

Trekology Portable Camping Table Construction and Design:


  • Construction/Materials: The top surface is made out of aluminum. Additionally, the frame is crafted out of metal
  • Exterior Dimensions (length, width, height): 27 x 18 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 4 pounds
  • Shape: Rectangle
  • Sitting Capacity: Can comfortably sit 2 people

The Trekology Portable Camping Table not only offers a durable build but also:

All purpose camping table – Whether you are tailgating on a picnic or camping, this table is perfect for you. It’s practicality is impressive. You’ll be able to undertake both light and heavy tasks without any struggle.

All weather – The aluminum table top is waterproof and weather resistant. The aerospace grade aluminum alloy used to construct the table top protects the table from both moisture and UV rays.

Robber legs – The legs used to make the frame have been mechanically constructed to support up to 50 pounds of weight. Furthermore, they offer stability regardless of the terrain.

Trekology Portable Camping Table Portability:

When tailgating away from home we often crave for portable equipment. Ones that are easy to carry and store. The Trekology Portable is a good example of such. As the name implies, this camping table is extremely portable. It weighs 4 pounds. Additionally, it is extremely compact. When folded down it can comfortably fit into a carrying bag. This means you’ll be able to store it in your car with ease. Moreover, the aluminum table top detaches from the frame. This makes it less bulky to carry and store.

Portability Rating: 5/5

Trekology Portable Camping Table Durability:

One of the perks of tailgating is being able to visit new places. This often means we get to experience new terrains and weather. As a result, having durable equipment is extremely necessary. The Trekology Camping Table has been built to weather any storm. The aerospace grade aluminum alloy used to make the table top is robust and durable. In addition, it’s all weather. This means it is fully protected from water and UV ray damage. Apart from that, the metal legs are durable and extremely stable. Their mechanical design is quite impressive. However, this table only supports weights up to 50 pounds.

Durability Rating: 4/5

Trekology Portable Camping Table Ease of Use:

Having easy to use equipment when tailgating makes life easy. It ensures we have more fun without having to stress about reading user manuals. The Trekology Portable Camping Table is easy to set up. The frame folds out and the top attaches to it, no tools needed. This is made possible by the unique hinge system. The hinges are robust and firm. In addition, the aluminum table top is easy to clean. You won’t dread cleaning the mess after a long day of having fun. However, this table isn’t grandpa friendly. At 16 inches in height, the table is extremely low. To use it you’ll probably have to use a low ground chair or sit on the ground.

Ease of Use Rating: 3/5

Trekology Portable Camping Table Visual Appeal:

A camping table with a great aesthetic is great value for money. It gives you all the confidence to go out and tailgate more. Unfortunately, the Trekology Camping Table comes with a simple design. The table top and frames are built with functionality rather than aesthetics in mind. However, it’s not all doom and gloom. It comes with two color options, blue and brown. This is the saving grace.

Visual Appeal Rating: 3/5

Trekology Portable Camping Table Warranty:

At times, our tables break due to no fault of our own. This is why having a warranty is important. It shields us from the financial loss caused by defects in workmanship and materials as well as manufacturing error. The Trekology Portable comes with a limited 1 year warranty. You can read more on this policy here.

Sorting out warranty queries can be a tedious task. However, shopping on and saves you the trouble. Their apt and reliable customer service will assist and guide you on how best to solve your warranty claims.

Trekology Portable Camping Table Accessories:

Accessorizing is one fun way of spicing your tailgating experience. Here are a few Trekology Portable Table accessories you can get:

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Trekology Portable Camping Table Cost:

Purchasing the Trekology Camping Table will cost you around $50. I’m a firm believer in buying your tailgating equipment at great prices. This is why I advocate for and Their amazing offers and great prices are perfect for saving you money. In addition, Amazon Prime Members enjoy Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Shipping.

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What Do We Like?

Here are some Trekology Portable Camping Table features that impressed us the most:

Easy to set up – Setting up this camping table is simple and easy. The legs pop up and the table top attaches to the frame easily using hinges. You won’t struggle setting it up.

Extremely lightweight – With a weight of 4 pounds this camping table is super light. This means, even if you are tailgating far away from home, you won’t struggle carrying it around.

Built to survive any storm – The all weather feature this camping table possesses is impressive. The aluminum alloy used to construct the table top is all weather. It is both water and UV ray resistant. You’ll tailgate with this camping table anywhere and anytime regardless of the weather.

Trekology Portable Camping Table Complaints:

Despite its amazing features, the Trekology Portable Camping Table falls short in a few areas. Here are a few complaints we found:

Top color coating scratches easily – A few customers have noticed the top color coating scratching off easily. As a result, the aluminum shows through the patches.

Extremely low in height – If you are looking for a tall table then this camping table isn’t for you. It’s extremely low and you’ll have to sit on the ground or use a low chair while using the table.

Other Camping Tables To Consider

If you are still keeping your options open, here is a Trekology Camping Table alternative we’ve reviewed in the past:

Should You Buy The Trekology Portable Camping Table?

If you are looking for an affordable, well built camping table, then the Trekology Portable Camping Table is for you. It is extremely portable and highly durable. In addition, it comes loaded with amazing features. The hinge system allows you to set up the table fast and without much hustle. The all weather feature ensures your camping table is protected from both water and UV ray damage. However, there are a few things you should be privy to before buying it. The table comes with a height of 16 inches. This makes it extremely low. Moreover, the color coating on the aluminum table top scratches easily. Despite this, this camping table is great value for money.

If you are settled on buying this camping table you should visit and today. They offer amazing deals and prices and you will definitely save lots of money. Prime Members on enjoy Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day shipping.

Best Features

  • Easy to set up
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Built to survive any storm

Worst Feature

  • Extremely low in height
  • Top Color coating scratches off easily

Thank you for checking out my Trekology Portable Camping Table review. If you still have questions about this camping table you can check out the product’s page on and Feel free to leave a comment below on this camping table or any other review. Your feedback is highly welcome and will be much appreciated.



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