Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill Review

Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill Review: Hot or Not?

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Tailgating is all about getting the right crew and the right equipment to turn your experience into a fiesta. You’re probably checking out Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill reviews to know whether the grill is any good.

Well, we’ve laid everything bare in this Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill review. Some of it may shock you, so you may want to pay extra attention.


About Weber Grills

The Weber-Stephen Products LLC, found online at, is one of the oldest and most respected manufacturers of charcoal, electric and gas grills, including the Weber Go Anywhere Gas grill. The company was founded by George A. Stephen back in 1983, and they are currently headquartered in Palatine, Illinois.


Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill Features

Weber claims they made the Go Anywhere Gas Grill for hassle-free barbecuing on the go. So what features back up this claim? Let’s take a closer look.

Porcelain-Enameled Base and Lid – Both the base and the lid are porcelain-enameled for easier cleaning and durability.

Porcelain-Enameled, Steel Cooking Grate – This feature comes standard with new Weber grills, providing a non-stick, easy to clean cooking surface.

One Stainless Steel Burner – You have one burner to work with, providing 6,500 BTUs of maximum heat from a disposable propane canister that attaches to the side of the grill.

Push Button Ignition – Lights up the burner with a single press of a button

Two Plated Steel Legs – The legs pivot to lock the lid in place for easy carrying. They also flip down and latch together to act as the grill’s legs.

Other features to note:

  • 160 square inches of cooking area
  • Three glass-reinforced nylon handles

Cleaning & Maintenance

Cleaning the Weber Go Anywhere shouldn’t be problem, since most parts of the grill are either porcelain-enameled or stainless steel. You can use a paper or microfiber towel and a glass/steel cleaner to clean the lid and the base.

To clean the burner, gently wipe it with a damp microfiber towel and a stainless steel cleaner. The cooking grate is non-stick thus fairly easy to clean. With a metal spatula scrub off any food residue, then clean and rinse the grate with soap and warm water.

You don’t need to season this grill before storing it away. Just make sure it’s sufficiently dry if you don’t plan on using it in the foreseeable future.

Hack! Place aluminum foil underneath the cooking grate for easier cleaning afterwards. Grease will pour onto the alfoil saving you a lot of trouble.

Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill Portability

The grill’s name probably gives this away, but the Weber Go Anywhere Gas grill is as portable as they come. The unit weighs 13.5 pounds, and 14.64 pounds when packed. It measures 23.8 inches long, 12 inches wide and 8.4 inches from the ground up. A fruit basket measures more or less the same. You can carry it in one hand, with the legs pivoting to lock the lid in place to enable carrying.

Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill Warranty

Weber claims the cookbox and lid assembly of the Weber Go Anywhere come with 10 years, no rust through/burn through warranty, while the plastic components have a 5 years warranty, excluding fading or discoloration. All other parts come with a 2 year warranty.

Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill Accessories

If what you unpacked when you got your grill is just not enough to get the most out of it, here are a few Weber Go Anywhere Gas grill accessories you can buy:

The Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill doesn’t have as many accessories as you would like, so you may have to think outside the box on this one. You can buy either Weber-branded or commercially available accessories on Amazon for the best deals like the 2 Day Free Delivery if you’re a Prime member.

Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill Replacement Parts

The cooking grate and ignition component are replaceable. You can also get an adapter hose for your propane tank if you prefer using a full-size tank. These parts are available, and actually more affordable on Amazon compared to most other stores.

Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill Cost

The Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill costs around $70. If you’re looking for the best deals on this unit, check out for all sorts of discounts you can take advantage of. You can even get the free 2 day shipping if you’re a Prime member.

What Do We Like?

There are a few features that make this baby ideal for tailgating, including:

Compact and Lightweight – You have to admit having a grill that weighs 14 pounds is a perk. You can set up your cooking station just about anywhere while tailgating, but nowhere too crazy.

Easy to Clean – Whenever you see “porcelain-enameled” means you don’t have to argue about who’s washing the grill next. A few wipes and scrubs should make this Weber shine.

Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill Complaints

Don’t be swayed by what you’ve read thus far. There are a couple of things about this grill that may or may not bum you out. So take a look and decide for yourself:

Ignition and Regulator Problems

A lot of customers say the grill’s ignition is a stubborn piece, and the regulator is a pain in the ass problem. Some couldn’t get the burner to light up. So you may need to keep a matchstick or lighter handy. The regulator also stops working at some point, leaving you with the inability to regulate the heat as much as you would like. The easiest way to get around this would be to buy the Weber Go Anywhere charcoal grill version of the same.

Too Small for Tailgating

You run the risk of going hungry if the only grill available while tailgating is the Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill. It can feed 2-3 people, the rest are considered extra mouths. Again, with just 6,500 BTUs to work with, you can imagine how long it would take to feed a small party.

Managing Grease is a Nightmare

Grease is a problem when grilling, especially when you’re out trying to have a good time. With this grill, there’s no way to drain the grease while cooking. You’ll have to clean it out later from the base. Some customers say Weber should have just maintained the design of the grill’s predecessor.

You’ll Have to Accessorize

If you like going the extra mile while grilling, then you may need to spend some more on accessories. A grill thermometer, a grill stand or even a grease collector are essentials, otherwise you’ll have to improvise.


Should you buy the Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill?

The Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill may be a worthy buy if you’re using it as a secondary option, not a stand-alone option. It simply won’t feed the masses, so you’ll find it hard managing your munchies if you’re a party of more than three tailgaters. Less space for cooking automatically means less heat to work with, so it lacks the essentials that make it the best for tailgating. However, it is compact and lightweight, so it’s fairly easy to carry around. Overall, it’s a worthy buy for intimate tailgating. You can get it on and get it fast with the Free 2 Day Shipping if you’re a Prime member. If you still have questions, you can visit the product’s Amazon page for answers.

What’s Hot

  • Easy to clean
  • Compact and lightweight

What’s Not

  • Ignition and regulator problems
  • Small cooking area
  • Not easy to drain grease
  • Not tailgate-friendly
  • You’ll have to buy accessories


Well, that’s my Weber Go Anywhere Gas grill review. We love hearing from you guys. Do you have an experience with this or any other grill? Feel free to let us know in the comments section below.


4 thoughts on “Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill Review: Hot or Not?

  1. Hi! One of the things that has kept me revisiting your site is the honesty in your posts. I appreciate that you have listed the pros, but also have given lots of details concerning the cons.

    After reading your post, I have decided that the Weber Go Anywhere Gas Grill is not for me. Being a bit too small, having to purchase accessories and difficulty managing grease has made me make up my mind to give it a pass. But I still must say thank you very much for this review.

    1. You’re welcome, Henry! I am glad we were able to assist you with your search for a new grill. We at Simply Tailgating strive to give our readers as much information as possible, both good and bad, so that they feel confident that they are purchasing the grill that best suits their needs. 

  2. I really like the size of this Weber grill. It seems very easy to transport and I think a small bottle of gas can go with it. I do not think the small cooking area is a bad thing. According to the size, I think the cooking area is just fine. 

    But the ignition issue can really be a set back for me, is it something that can be tested before buying? Because if it is not a recurring problem with all of them, I would rather take the time to test them and get the good one without that problem.


    1. Hi Adyns68: I am not aware of any options to test the grill’s ignition system before purchase. However, based on our research, customers have confirmed the ability to obtain a replacement ignitor directly from Weber. Hope this helps!

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