Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Review

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Review: Ultimate Tailgating Cooler?

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If you have tailgated before then you definitely know the importance of having a high performance cooler. If you haven’t and are planning on doing so, then trust me, having the right cooler with you will make all the difference. Coolers are important and key because they keep your drinks and food chilled as you enjoy your tailgating experience. They also come in handy when planning camping trips and will save you numerous trips to local convenience stores for a restock. This is why finding a good cooler can sometimes be difficult. You are constantly faced with new options and sifting through all that information can be stressful. You have probably come across tons of Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler reviews.

If you have experienced this cumbersome and tedious process of going through dozens of reviews, worry no more. Here, at Simply Tailgating, we cater to all your tailgating needs. In our Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler review below, we have done a deep dive into this product’s features to give you an unbiased and all around review. Are you yearning to know what this cooler is all about? Well, let’s take a look.

About Coleman Products:

Company Highlights

  • Company Name: Coleman Company Inc.
  • Corporate Website:
  • Headquarters: Chicago, Illinois
  • Founder: William Coffin Coleman

Coleman Company Inc. is an American company that specializes in outdoor recreational equipment, such as camping essentials and furniture, lighting and coolers. It was founded in 1900 and is currently owned by Newell Brands.

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Construction and Design:


  • Exterior Dimensions (length, width, height): 27.10 × 14.90 × 17.60 inches
  • Storage Capacity: Up to 82 cans, 52 quarts
  • Weight: 15.1 pounds
  • Construction/Materials: High density polyethylene
  • Insulation Thickness: Thick polyurethane
  • Ice Retention: Up to 5 days
  • Shelf Life of Food: 47 hours
  • Keeps Beverages Cold: 47 hours

The Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler offers much more than just great design and high performance. Here are some notable features this cooler comes fully equipped with:

Have-A-Seat lid – When it comes to Coleman coolers this is a signature design. The Have-A-Seat lid on the Coleman Cool Box 52 Quart Cooler can support up to 250 pounds hence doubling up as an extra seat.

Built in cup holders on the lid – Having extra space for placing your drinks is always a bonus when it comes to coolers. This cooler comes with four cup holders built into the lid, which come in handy when tailgating with large crowds.

Tilted rust proof and leak resistant drain – The drain on this cooler is a work of art. Besides being leak resistant, it is tilted making it easy to drain. Furthermore, it’s made out of plastic hence making it rust proof.

Additional Features:

  • Tough plastic hinges
  • Latch lid
  • Two way handles
  • Extra thermOZONE insulation

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Insulation Ability:

A well insulated cooler offers you high performance and high ice retention time. This is definitely what you can expect from the Coleman Cool Box Xtreme Cooler. It uses thick polyurethane foam as insulation material and it is specifically designed to be more thick around the lid and base. This design gives you an ice retention time of up to 5 days. However, the lid is less insulated due to the built-in cup holders. It should also be noted that this cooler works well in high temperatures reaching 90℉.

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Portability:

The Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler is relatively light for a cooler of its size. But due to its large storage capacity, it can become quite heavy when fully packed. This makes carrying this cooler quite a task especially if you are going to walk for some distance. Furthermore, it isn’t fitted with wheels, which is disappointing.

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Durability:

A strong sturdy design guarantees long cooler life. The Coleman Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler is made from strong high density polyethylene. This gives this cooler a strong sturdy outer design that can withstand external force. The 2-way handles on this cooler are strong enough and won’t break when carrying it even when fully packed.

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Ease of Use:

Tailgating is all about having fun and an easy to use cooler makes all the difference. Packing this cooler is easy as the lid comes with supporting hinges to keep the lid up. The strong 2-way handles allow you to easily lift your Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler into the trunk of your car. You won’t worry about the contents of your cooler falling out as it comes with a latch lid that closes tightly. Once you are done with the festivities you can drain your cooler without tilting it as the draining mechanism of this cooler is designed for that exact purpose. Using this cooler is quite enjoyable and easy.

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Visual Appeal:

It’s great design makes the Coleman Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler easy on the eyes. The strong outer shell has a sleek modern design with slightly curved edges. It also has a robust look and feel which makes it even more exciting to have. The only disappointing things about this cooler is that it only comes in two colors: white and blue.

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Warranty:

We were unable to find any specific information about this cooler’s warranty from the manufacturer. However, you can read their warranty policy here.

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Accessories:

Doing more with your cooler is always fun and exciting. Here are some Coleman Cool Box 52 Quart Cooler accessories you can get to better your cooler experience:

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Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Replacement Parts:

Get more life out of your Coleman Cool Box 52 Quart Cooler with the following replacement parts:

You can get these replacement parts at amazing prices on both and It must also be noted that offers their Prime Members Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Shipping.

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Cost:

The Coleman Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler will cost you around $76. Have you heard of the amazing deals and offers you can get by shopping on If not, you should definitely check them out as Prime Members enjoy Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Shipping. You can also visit as they also have incredible deals and low prices.

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What Do We Like?

Durability – The Coleman Cool Box has a strong, sturdy build which makes it durable. You are guaranteed a long cooler life and you won’t need to replace many parts after purchasing this cooler. This is probably one of the best features of this cooler.

Multi-purpose lid – Coleman was really in their element when they made this lid. It can be used as an extra seat because of its strong build. Furthermore, it comes with four built-in cup holders which are perfect when tailgating with a bunch of friends.

Reasonably priced – When buying the Coleman Cool Box Cooler you are guaranteed a high quality and high performance cooler. The price in this cooler is really affordable and is definitely why we love it.

Performs exceptionally well – The performance of this cooler is really outstanding. You get long ice retention time as it is well insulated and it performs exceptionally well in high temperatures.

Spacious enough for large crowds – If you love tailgating with your friends and family then this cooler is perfect for you. It has a large storage capacity that is perfect for carrying loads of drinks and food.

Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler Complaints:

We wouldn’t give you a comprehensive review without telling you some of the faults that come with this cooler. Here are some complaints we found about the Coleman Cool Box 52 Quart Cooler:

Faulty hinges – The lid hinges on the Coleman Cool Box are really faulty and break easily. A good number of people have complained about this and you could possibly replace this part when you purchase this cooler.

Other Coolers to Consider:

If you are still keeping your options open here are some Coleman Cool Box 52 Quart Cooler alternatives you can check out that we’ve reviewed in the past:

Should You Buy The Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler?

There is no doubt the Coleman Cool Box 52 Quart Cooler is a high quality cooler. It has a strong durable design that protects your drinks and food from external damage. Its performance is also worth noting. It’s perfectly insulated and uses thick polyurethane foam to give you up to 5 days ice retention. Besides this, it’s also spacious and has a great drain design. The multi-purpose lid on this cooler is a great perk. However, the hinges are disappointing as they break off easily. It also only comes in two colors. Despite all this, this cooler is a great product. It is reasonably priced and this is an absolute steal! If this cooler checks all your boxes you should definitely consider buying it.

Best Features

  • Durability
  • Spacious
  • Affordable
  • High performance
  • Multi-purpose lid

Worst Features

  • Faulty hinges

Thank you for checking out my Coleman Cool Box Xtreme 52 Quart Cooler review. If you still have questions about this cooler you can check out the product’s page on and Your feedback is highly welcome and will be much appreciated. Feel free to leave a comment below on this cooler or any other review.



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