Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Review

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Review: The Best Personal Cooler? 

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Demand for personal coolers has been on the rise in the last couple of years. More people have gained interest in them as they can be used for short activities and events, to carry packed lunches and other uses. They are really small compared to regular sized coolers and vary massively in terms of performance. This is why finding the right personal cooler can be hard. You have probably experienced this and it’s probably why you have already gone through dozens of Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler reviews.

Well, worry no more. Here, at Simply Tailgating, we understand your needs. In our Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler review below, we have gone the extra mile to provide you with a detailed review to help you understand more about this cooler. Are you curious to know what this cooler is all about? If you are, let’s dive right in.

About Coleman Products:

Company Highlights

  • Company Name: Coleman Company Inc
  • Corporate Website:
  • Headquarters: Chicago
  • Founders: William Coffin Coleman

Coleman Company Inc. is an American company that specializes in outdoor recreational equipment such as camping essentials and furniture, lighting and coolers. It was founded in 1900 and is currently owned by Newell Brands.

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Construction and Design:


  • Exterior Dimensions (length, width, height): 10 × 8 × 7 inches
  • Storage Capacity: Up to 6 cans, 5 quarts
  • Weight: 1.7 pounds
  • Construction/Materials: High quality plastic
  • Insulation Thickness: Thick polyurethane insulation
  • Ice Retention: 1 day
  • Shelf Life of Food: Up to 24 hours
  • Keeps Beverages Cold: Up to 24 hours

In addition to the above, the Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler also offers:

Bail handle – This allows you to easily carry your cooler with one hand. It is built from strong high quality plastic that won’t break while supporting your packed cooler’s weight.

EZ-Clean top – The lid on the Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler is easy to wipe and clean. We both know how stressful cleaning spills can be and this saves you all that trouble.

Multipurpose lid – The lid on this cooler can be flipped and also used as a table top. This is the stand out feature on the Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler. The extra space is perfect for prepping your food.

Additional features

  • Wide base for stability
  • Lid comes with can holders
  • Flip lid
  • Personal cooler

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Insulation Ability:

This is key for any cooler. The Coleman Personal Cooler is fitted with a thick polyurethane insulation cover. This gives you an ice retention time of up to 1 day. For a cooler of its size this is pretty underwhelming. This limits the use of this cooler to one day of activities and events. However, the lid is insulated for extra cover and protection.

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Portability:

The Coleman FlipLid Cooler excels really well in this area. It’s small in size and super light even when fully packed with drinks and food. Furthermore, it comes with a bail handle that allows you to carry it with one hand. Due to its compact size, you can carry it everywhere you go. It’s great for outdoor use when you want to bask in the sun and it can also be used indoors.

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Durability:

A cooler that can last long and is able to withstand external pressures is always a plus. The Coleman FlipLid Cooler is made from high quality plastic with a hardened exterior that shields and protects your cooler from damage. The bail handle is also really tough and you don’t have to worry about it ever breaking off easily.

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Ease of Use:

Using the Coleman Personal Cooler is easy peasy. Flipping the lid is a pretty straightforward process. The bail handle is located on the side and can be rotated so as to help you carry your cooler easily. The lid is also easy to clean and won’t give you sleepless nights trying to remove stains.

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Visual Appeal:

This cooler comes with the traditional Coleman cooler design. It also comes in two colors only: red and white and blue and white. This is rather disappointing as the Coleman Personal Cooler doesn’t offer a variety in terms of visual appeal. If you love a stylish colorful exterior then this will definitely dampen your spirits.

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Warranty:

At times you may purchase a product that comes with manufacturer flaws and defects. Having a warranty comes in handy as it protects you in such situations. The Coleman Personal Cooler comes with a 2-year warranty that shields you during such circumstances. You can read more about this product’s warranty policy here.

Dealing with warranty issues in time is very important. Having a dedicated customer service that can cater for all your queries is what you need. Shopping on and guarantees you fast and reliable help when dealing with warranty issues.

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Accessories:

We were unable to find any accessory information from the manufacturer about the Coleman FlipLid Cooler.

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Replacement Parts:

We were unable to find any replacement part information from the manufacturer about the Coleman Personal Cooler.

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Cost:

The Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler will cost you around $22. If you want to enjoy amazing deals and prices you should definitely check out They offer to their Prime Members Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Shipping. Have you also seen the amazing offers has? If not, you should definitely check them out too!

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What Do We Like?

Highly portable – This is the best feature on the Coleman FlipLid Cooler. You will be able to carry this cooler anywhere you go. It is small and light even when fully packed. The bail handle allows you to carry it with one hand without much struggle.

Multipurpose lid – This ingenious feature is a great aspect of this cooler. It gives you more table space to prepare and place your food and drinks. Four cup holders are an added benefit as well. It is easy to use and, as the name suggests, all you need to do is flip the lid and voila! A table top with cup holders.

Affordable –For a cooler of its size and quality it’s really cheap. For only about $22, you definitely won’t break the bank when you purchase this cooler.

Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler Complaints:

For a personal cooler, the FlipLid Personal Cooler comes packed with amazing features and great design. However, this cooler lags behind in some areas and these have been the backbones to the following complaints:

Very short ice retention – The Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler can only retain ice for up to 1 day. This is a relatively short ice retention time as it’s impossible to go camping with it. This severely reduces it’s versatility when it comes to use.

Limited carrying space – With only a storage capacity of 6 cans this cooler falls short in this department. People argue that it’s a personal cooler and should be small. However, this limited space only confines you to a limited amount of foods and drinks to carry without giving you any allowance for extras.

Comes in only two colors – The first thing that catches your eye whenever you look at a cooler is its visual appeal. The chest only comes in the two traditional colors and doesn’t offer any variety. This lack of versatility in looks is a real bummer.

Other Coolers to Consider:

If you are still in the market for a cooler here are some Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler alternatives we’ve reviewed in the past:

Should You Buy The Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler?

The Coleman FlipLid Cooler is very cheap and affordable. It is highly portable and is perfect for everyday use if you regularly carry a packed lunch. The lid on this cooler is versatile as it can be used as a table top and cup holder. However, it’s impossible to overlook some of its flaws. You are guaranteed an ice retention time of up to 1 day. Furthermore, it is really small and has limited carrying space. If you are looking for a personal cooler for everyday use then you should definitely consider buying this cooler. It is affordable and perfect for day to day use.

Best Features

  • Highly portable
  • Multipurpose lid
  • Affordable

Worst Features

  • Very short ice retention period
  • Limited carrying space
  • Comes in only two colors

Thank you for reading my Coleman FlipLid Personal Cooler review. I hope it has been useful and will help you in choosing a cooler best suited for your needs. If you still have any questions feel free to visit the product’s page on and Feel free to leave a comment down below about this cooler or any other we’ve reviewed in the past. Your feedback is highly appreciated and most welcomed.



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