Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Review

Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Review: Score or Miss?

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There is a misconception that the grill is the only essential product for a tailgate party. Well, while the grill is indeed important to have, no one in your group is going to be happy eating their food with warm beverages.  Can you imagine the looks you will get from your friends when you hand them warm beers? That’s why the cooler is another critical component to the tailgating experience, as it is essential that the drinks are chilled. However, finding the right cooler that suits all your tailgating needs is not always that easy. Trust me, I’ve been there. Going through all the different specifications while making a pros and cons list for each cooler can be stressful. In fact, you have probably sifted through dozens of Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler reviews trying to figure out whether this cooler is worth your time or not.

Well, look no further, because here, at Simply Tailgating, we make this process a whole lot easier. In our Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler review, you will find everything you need to know about this cooler all in one place. Let’s take a look, shall we?

About Lifetime Products:

Company Highlights

  • Company Name: Lifetime Products, Inc.
  • Corporate Website:
  • Headquarters: Utah
  • Founders: Barry Mower

Lifetime is a manufacturing company based in Utah and specializes in sports gear and outdoor equipment, such as picnic tables, sheds, patios and coolers. The company was founded in 1986 and has built its reputation by producing high quality and durable products.

Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Construction and Design:


  • Exterior Dimensions (length, width, height): 27 × 17.6 × 17.3 inches
  • Storage Capacity: 60 cans, 55 quarts
  • Construction/Materials: Urethane, Polypropylene, Nylon Rope, Polyethylene
  • Weight: 23.4 lbs
  • Insulation Thickness: 2-3 inches
  • Ice Retention: up to 7 days
  • Shelf Life of Food: up to 5 days
  • Keeps Beverages Cold: up to 5 days

The Lifetime 90820 Cooler sells as a strong, durable and spacious cooler, with superior ice retention. But does it really live up to all this hype? Let’s take a closer look:

Heavy-Duty Polyethylene Construction – Lifetime says the polyethylene construction is earmarked to withstand a bear attack! So, that should give you an idea as to how strong this cooler really is.

Two Rubber Latches – Two rubber latches on either side of the front hold the lid in place. They’re easy to unhook with one hand, and made of rubber, so you shouldn’t expect breakage as is sometimes the case with latches made of plastic.

Easy-to-Drain Spout –  An easy to drain spout completes the overall construction and design of this cooler. They went on to make it compatible with a regular garden hose for easier cleaning.

Additional features

  • Stainless steel hinge rod
  • Insulated lid and body
  • Dual purpose grip and slide feet

Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Insulation Ability:

This cooler comes with a maximum ice retention of 7 days and can go for up to 5 days with continuous use. With an insulated lid and body, the Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler is able to keep your drinks cold and your ice solid for a long time! This makes this cooler perfect for those hot summer days.

Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Portability:

Lightness and ease of transport enhance the portability of coolers. The Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler is quite heavy compared to other coolers of its size. You’ll also have to carry this cooler manually as there is no option to fit wheels to it. If your tailgating events require you to walk for long distances you might find this to be a daunting task.

Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Durability:

This cooler has a strong plastic exterior build with stainless steel hinges. It is certified bear proof which clearly shows it can withstand tough conditions. Lifetime Products is well known for constructing durable and quality products and the Lifetime 90820 Cooler is no exception.

Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Ease of Use:

The beauty of the Lifetime 90820 product is highlighted in it’s ease of use. It’s large enough to fit all your drinks and at the same time fit in the trunk of your car. All the hinges are located in the right place and there is nothing fancy about the latches. Using this cooler is very simple! However, you might find it hard to lug around once fully stocked because there is no wheeled option.

Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Visual Appeal:

We all love a great aesthetics when it comes to coolers. The Lifetime 90820 Cooler has a grey polyethylene body with a blue lining.The hinges are made from stainless steel and the handles have a nylon rope. The only disappointment is that this cooler comes in only one color.

Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Warranty:

The Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler comes with a 5 year warranty against all manufacturing defects. Be sure to keep your receipt as they won’t process your warranty claim if you’re not the original buyer. You can read all about their warranty policy here.

Getting your warranty issues resolved when shopping online can be difficult. However, shopping on can save you a lot of trouble because their apt customer service guarantees you an easy return process. You can also check out Walmart as your purchase will be protected above and beyond the manufacturer’s warranty.

Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Accessories:

Lifetime doesn’t offer any accessories for any of it’s coolers. If you love being adventurous through accessorizing your cooler then the Lifetime 90820 Cooler will definitely disappoint you.

Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Replacement Parts:

After continuous use, the Lifetime 9082 Cooler is guaranteed to undergo some wear and tear. This shouldn’t scare you because here are some parts that you can easily replace without much trouble: has got you covered. You can find all these replacement parts on their site and you know what’s even better? You get them at the best prices and deals, including Guaranteed Free 1-3 Day Delivery if you are a Prime Member.

Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Cost:

The Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler will cost you around $120. Want to know where you can get this cooler for unbelievable prices and deals? Visit today and take advantage of the Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Shipping for Prime Members. Walmart is another option for you to find savings and deals online.

Check the latest price on Amazon

Check the latest price on Walmart

What Do We Like?

Durable – It’s strong build coupled up with the thick insulation gives the Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler a durable feel. This cooler is built to last long and this is definitely one of it’s best features.

Budget friendly – Finding a quality cooler and a pocket friendly price can be hard. This cooler definitely gives you the best of both worlds as it is high performance and at the same time relatively cheap compared to other coolers like this one.

Spacious – This cooler can hold up to 60 cans together with ice. This makes it perfect for camping and tailgating trips without worrying on where to restock your drinks.

Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler Complaints:

Despite all its great features and qualities, the Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler has quite a number of complaints that are hard not to ignore. Let’s take look:

No accessories – If you love accessorizing your tailgating equipment this will be a bummer. Lifetime Products doesn’t make any cooler accessories.

No option of fitting wheels to the cooler – Carrying this cooler when fully packed can be really tiring. The lack of an option to fit wheels to the cooler severely affects its portability.

It is not watertight – There have been numerous reports of the cooler leaking after the ice melts. The lid isn’t airtight and lets water through when the cooler is tilted.

Other Coolers to Consider:

If you’re still keeping your options open, here are a few coolers that we’ve reviewed that are alternatives to the Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler:

Should You Buy The Lifetime 90820 High Performance Cooler?

If you are looking for a durable and long lasting cooler at a budget friendly price you should definitely consider buying the Lifetime 90820 Cooler. For a cooler of this quality this is an absolute steal. With it’s relatively long ice retention time coupled up with it’s durability and spacious interior, this cooler is worth every penny. However, it’s impossible to overlook its flaws. It can be pretty tiring to carry over long distances and the lack of accessories is disappointing.

Best Features

  • Durable
  • Budget friendly
  • Spacious

Worst Features

  • No accessories
  • No wheeled version
  • It is not watertight

Thank you for taking your time to check out my Lifetime 90820 Cooler review. If you still have unanswered questions about this cooler you can check out the product’s page on or Your feedback is highly welcome and will be much appreciated. Feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below on this cooler or any other tailgating product.



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