Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler Review

Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler Review: Hit or Miss?

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After the grill, the portable cooler is probably the next most essential item for a tailgate party. We, of course, have to thank Richard C. Laramy for this nifty little invention, with every other chest coming after that probably being better than the last. That said, perhaps you’re out for an ideal cooler and you’re reading this Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler review to determine whether it’s worth your money.

Well, stick around. We’ll fill you in on everything you need to know about the cooler and you’ll probably not need to read any more Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler reviews when you’re finished here. So without further ado, let’s get into it, shall we?

About Thermik Products:

Company Highlights

  • Company Name: Thermik Geratebau GmbH
  • Product Name: Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler
  • Corporate Website:
  • Headquarters: Sondershausen,Germany
  • Founder: Peter Hofsaess

Thermik found online at is a German company that specializes in bi-metal thermal protectors and related products. They mainly manufacture PTC thermistors and customized PTC heating elements but they also make a limited lineup of hard-sided coolers and tumbler accessories. The company was founded in 1968 and is based in Germany.

Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler Construction and Design:


  • Exterior Dimensions (width, length, height): 18.2 x 33.5 x 17.9
  • Storage Capacity: 65 cans
  • Weight: 29.9 pounds
  • Construction Materials: Roto Molten
  • Insulation Thickness: 6-7 inches
  • Ice Retention: 5 days
  • Shelf Life of Food: 5 days
  • Keeps Beverages Cool: 5 days

Other than basically keeping your drinks chilled, let’s pop the Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler’s hood and see what it’s made of:

Roto-Molded Construction – The cooler’s overall construction features a rugged, one-piece roto-molded construction with a textured top lid and two damage-proof latches on either end of the lid.

Thick Urethane Insulation – With 6-7 inches of urethane insulation enough to keep ice in a solid state for days, you can easily mistake this cooler’s performance for a Yeti.

Freezer Grade Lid Seal – A freezer grade lid should pretty much prevent hot air from getting in. They went on to add a vacuum release button at the base to prevent the lid from sticking shut.

Additional Features

  • Drain slot
  • Integrated Slots for ice packs
  • Bottle Openers
  • Rubber Non-Skid Feet
  • Pressure Release Valves
  • Available in black and white

Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler Insulation Ability:

The Thermik 45-Qt Cooler has an insane insulation padding of around seven inches. The maximum expected number of days that it can keep ice solid is roughly around 5 days. There are, of course, other factors that would reduce the stated time, but when accounting for factors such as hot weather and opening the lid, it should keep for maybe three and a half days.

Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler Portability:

The Thermik Performance Cooler is what we could call ‘slightly large’ as it towers 11 inches high. The handles on each end are perfectly placed for even weight distribution. The cooler also features rope handles so feel free to take it on a boat ride or kayak trip. The big guy also has full rubber, non-skid feet so it will remain stationary while out and about.

Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler Durability:

If you want to talk about a beast of a cooler then the Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler takes a pretty good shot at that. Roto-molded coolers are basically the tanks of coolers owing to the rotational molding concept they use to construct the exterior. It adds a lot of density and thickness to the cooler and would probably survive a few falls from a low height. The lid on the Thermik is also thick and durable enough to double up as a seat.

Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler Ease of Use:

Thermik coolers are basically among the easiest coolers to use. The Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler achieves this thanks to a couple of features, including the handy bottle openers, perfectly placed handles and a pressure releasing valve. Combining these makes using the cooler less of a pain. In addition, the drain’s tip is hose-adaptable so you don’t have to be near the cooler to drain it.

Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler Visual Appeal:

Rugged and efficient is what you see when you look at the Thermik. The default black and white color combination is an instant classic. It obviously looks high-end, with tons of features to play with, not forgetting the bulgy edges and fancy hinges to complete the overall look of the Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler.

Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler Warranty:

It seems Thermik was pretty confident with the High Performance 45-Quart Cooler. The warranty runs for half a decade, and covers manufacturer and construction defects. All you have to do is contact customer service to follow up with your claim. But as you know, following up with warranty issues can be a nightmare depending on where you buy your unit. That’s why it’s always good to shop at stores like where you are guaranteed reliable customer service and easy returns.

Thermik High Performance Cooler Accessories:

The Thermik High Performance Cooler also has a few accessories you can acquire independently including:

They’re available on where you can get 1-3 Day Free Delivery if you are a Prime member besides the leverage of access to the best prices online.

Thermik 45-Quart Cooler Replacement Parts:

A cooler is only as good as its replacement parts in the event of breakage or wear and tear. That said, here are the available Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler replacement parts:

If you’re looking for either, you can buy them on as you’re guaranteed the best prices including the 1-3 Day FREE Delivery if you have Prime.

Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler Cost:

The Thermik 45-Quart Cooler will set you back around $250. But you’ll probably get a better deal on it if you shop on You can even get it fast and free with the 1-3 Day Free Delivery if you are a Prime member.

What Do We Like? 

Spacious and reliable – This Thermik is really big, able to pack over 60 cans when empty of ice. It will also keep your beverages cold even on hot summer days thanks to the 7” insulation and freezer-grade seal.

Durable – It has to be hands down one of the best at being tough. The cooler is super durable and can withstand most of the elements bravely, and is completely indestructible. You can consider it a lifetime purchase, backed by a 5 year warranty period.

Thermik 45-Quart Cooler Complaints:

To be honest, there are not very many cons to the Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler. Well, other than the weight, (complemented by the quality) there have been a few instances of the drainage cap detaching on its own. The bottom line is, the product generally has very positive reviews across the board from consumers.

Other Coolers to Consider:

Perhaps you’re not convinced that this cooler is worth the purchase at this time. Well, worry not. Here are a couple of Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler alternatives you can check out:

Should you buy the Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler?

Well, if you have around $200 to spend on a quality, durable cooler, this would be the perfect choice. The Thermik cooler is very impressive on all fronts, it looks good and most importantly is genuinely top quality. It’s a high-end cooler, so you expect extra features, convenience in use and, most importantly, cold food and beverages for around 5 days. The bottom line is, the Thermik High Performance 45-Quart Cooler is ironically hot!

Best Features

  • Performance and Durability
  • Pressure releasing valve
  • Bottle openers on the side

Worst Features

  • Loose drainage cap

It’s a wrap, folks! I hope you found this review helpful. If you have more questions about the cooler, you can find answers in the product’s Amazon page. Finally, we would love to know what you think about this or any other cooler. So feel free to leave a comment in the comments section below.



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