NFL Instant Pop Up Canopy Tent Review

NFL Instant Pop Up Canopy Tent Review: Ultimate Tailgating Tent?

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For me, a tailgate party is not complete without some display showing off my allegiance to my sports teams. Well, one of the easiest ways to display your team colors to the world (or just those in the parking lot) is through a tailgating tent. Since you probably need the tent anyway, what better way is there to kill two birds with one stone! Perhaps you think the same and that’s why you are going through several NFL Instant Pop Up Canopy Tent reviews.

Well, look no further, because we have scoured the internet and compiled all the information you need in this comprehensive NFL Instant Pop Up Canopy Tent review. Some of what you’re about to read may shock you, so I highly suggest you read along carefully.

About Rawlings Sporting Goods:

Company Highlights

  • Company Name: Rawlings Sporting Goods
  • Product Name: NFL Straight Leg 9’ x 9’ Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent
  • Corporate Website:
  • Headquarters: Town and Country, Missouri, USA
  • Founders: George and Alfred Rawlings

Rawlings Sporting Goods is an American manufacturer of sporting goods and equipment. The company was founded in 1887, and has since been the primary manufacturer of sporting equipment for the MLB, NBA, NFL and other sports franchises in the USA.

NFL Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent Construction and Design:


  • Open Shelter Dimensions: 9 x 9 ft.
  • Maximum Shelter Height: 9 ft.
  • Canvas Material: Silver coated 150D with UPF 50+ protection
  • Frame Material: Powder Coated Steel
  • Package Dimensions: 7.7″ x 7.9″ x 48.8″
  • Product Weight: 32.5 lbs
  • Elevation: 2 Height Adjustments (76” and 112″)

If you’d rather stay at home than tailgate without a tent, then you know better than to buy a tent before knowing what it’s made of. So, do the features of the NFL Straight Leg Canopy leave anything to be desired? You be the judge.

Silver Coated 150D Polyester Fabric Top – 150D polyester is decently strong and easy to clean. The silver coating reflects away the sun’s rays keeping things all cool and stuff on the inside, in addition to the UPF 50+ UV protection. The canvas is also waterproof although it won’t withstand direct flames.

Foldable Steel Frame & Legs – Being an instant pop-up tent, the powder-coated steel frame and legs fold down and snuggles inside its 4 ft. zipped carrying case. The latch sliders and telescoping legs adjust between 2 height positions elevating to a peak height of 9 ft.

Canopy-Style Roofing & Straight Leg Design – The canopy style roofing features your NFL team name and logo on two opposite sides. You have the option of choosing any team during purchase. The straight leg design offers a total 81 sq.ft. of shade.

Additional Features: 

  • Black carrying case with NFL team logo included

NFL Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent Livability:

This 81 sq.ft NFL Instant Pop-Up Tent houses up to 10 tailgaters depending on whether you add seats, tables or other equipment. In addition, the silver coated 150D canvas with UPF 50+ protection will protect you from harmful sun rays while keeping things cool as ice inside. Polyester is generally waterproof but you may need to attach sidewalls to ensure you remain completely dry inside when it rains.

Livability Rating: 3.5/5

NFL Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent Ease of Set-Up:

The NFL Straight Leg Instant Canopy, just like most canopies of its kind, requires just two people to set up. Once you empty the carrying case all you have to do is extend the frame, attach and extend the legs to your desired height and you’re done! Adding the sidewalls shouldn’t be a hassle, as you have tie-on straps on each end to work with.

Ease of Set-Up Rating: 4/5

NFL Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent Wind Resistance:

The NFL Straight Leg Pop-Up Canopy can effortlessly take on winds of up to 20 mph, with ground stakes installed. As standard practice, always install weight bags especially if the weatherman predicts a windy day. They go for as little as $15 on Amazon and they’ll go a long way in ensuring you don’t ruin your event when mother nature comes calling.

Wind Resistance Rating: 3/5

NFL Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent Durability:

150D polyester will last for about 2 years before you consider investing in a replacement cover. Again, coated steel is considerably durable as it won’t bend or rust easily. But the tent’s joints are made of molded plastic which may break under relentless pressure. But all in all, the most important maintenance measure is to store your NFL Straight Leg Pop-Up Tent in its carrying bag, especially if you don’t use it regularly.

Durability Rating: 3.5/5

NFL Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent Portability:

The NFL Straight Leg Canopy weighs 32.5 lbs, and fits inside a 4 x 2 ft. carrying bag. However, you have to lift it off the ground for transport as the carrying bag is not wheeled. You have to admit there’s no point in tailgating with anything heavy or cumbersome. So based on what you’ve just read it’s really up to you to determine whether this tent is worth the muscle.

Portability Rating: 3/5

NFL Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent Warranty:

Rawlings accepts returns and exchanges for their products, including the NFL Straight Leg Pop-Up Tent, within a month after receiving your order. You can call them up at 1-866-678-4327. But you certainly know dealing with warranty issues is easier said than done. That’s why it’s always good to shop at a store like where you’re guaranteed reliable customer service and convenient returns.

NFL Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent Accessories:

What good is tailgate equipment without some accessories to compliment them? Well by the looks of it, you can revamp your NFL Straight Leg Tent by adding things like:

All teams options are available for these accessories and you can check out for the best prices, and take advantage of offers like the Free 1-3 Day Delivery if you’re a Prime member.

NFL Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent Replacement Parts:

The NFL Straight Leg Instant Canopy may go the distance with proper love and care. However, stuff happens and sometimes you may need to replace a part instead of investing in a whole new tent. That said, unfortunately you won’t get any replacement part sold as an off-the-shelf item. If something breaks within the 30-day warranty period you can contact Rawlings Customer Service and if you qualify for an exchange or replacement they’ll guide you on how to make the claim..

NFL Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent Cost:

The NFL Straight Leg Instant Canopy may set you back around $140. You obviously want the best deal on it, so, definitely check out You can even save on shipping if you’re a Prime member with the Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Delivery. 

What Do We Like?

  • Easy to set up – Most customers agree that the tent is super easy to set up and take down compared to most other tents of its size. It’s lightweight and you don’t require any tools to put it together which is also great in my opinion.
  • Great as a gift item – You must agree that this is a great gift item for any football fan. You can pick any team and even add awesome complementary accessories to go along with the tent. Putting thought and meaning in a gift for the avid tailgater has never been easier.

NFL Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent Complaints:

Well that’s what’s good about the NFL Straight Leg Canopy. However, it’s only fair that we let you know about the bad and ugly. So here are a couple of red flags about the tent to watch out for:

  • The legs and joints may break– The most common problem is that the tent is no good under windy weather. Even with the weight bags installed, the joints may break and legs may also bend. However to be fair, keep in mind that this happens under extremely strong winds with most tents of similar build. In other words, don’t be surprised if your canopy turns into a kite during a storm!

Other Tailgating Tents To Consider:

If the NFL Straight Leg Instant Canopy does not tickle your fancy, there are other tents that we have reviewed that you can consider:

Feel free to also check out our exclusive list of  The Top 10 Best 10×10 Instant Canopy Shelters for Tailgating.

Should You Buy The NFL Instant Pop-Up Canopy Tent? 

The NFL Straight Leg Canopy Tent is a popular tent for most tailgaters by default owing to the team-branding idea behind the product. Besides efficiently providing shade, it can be an awesome gift. Just make sure you get the desired team right the first time! At the same time, there are tons of other complementary accessories from the manufacturer to complete the overall experience. But be sure to check the forecast as strong windy days are the tent’s worst enemy.

If you’re sold, check out for the best prices and deals, such as the Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day shipping if you’re a Prime member.

Best Features

  • Easy to set up and take down
  • Great gift item for those NFL fans

Worst Features

  • Weak joints
  • Unstable under strong winds

Signing off, thanks for reading my NFL Straight Leg Instant Canopy review. Would you buy this tent? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. In case of any other questions, please visit the product’s Amazon page for answers.



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