WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table Review: Hit or Miss?

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We all look forward to having a tailgating experience filled with fun. This means we constantly scour the internet looking for new recipes, places and appliances, such as camping tables, that we can use. These new tailgating ideas elevate the overall experience. They’re an intriguing way of doing things differently. However, this new journey can be quite tricky. You’ll have to deal with loads and loads of articles with all sorts of information. That’s probably why you are here today, looking at WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table reviews.

Well, you’ve come to the right place. We, here at Simply Tailgating, have everything you need. We understand the troubles many people go through trying to navigate through tailgating equipment and want to make life much easier. In our WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table review below, we’ve included in detail all you need to know regarding this tailgating table. Want to know both the good and bad? Wondering whether this product is worth your time and money? What are you waiting for? Keep scrolling to find out!

About WUROMISE Products:

Company Highlights

  • Company Name: WUROMISE Development

WUROMISE Development focuses on the development and construction of outdoor and camping equipment. They are well known for their quality products. In addition, their products can be found in online stores such as Amazon.com.

WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table Construction and Design:


  • Construction/Materials: The frame is made out of metal pipe. Lightweight aluminum has been used to craft the detachable tabletop
  • Exterior Dimensions (length, width, height): 47 × 21.65 × 26.7 inches
  • Weight: 13.2 pounds
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Sitting Capacity: Can comfortably sit up to 6 people

The WUROMISE Outdoor Foldable Table also offers:

Fashion spray coat for both the frame and table top – The fashion spray coat provides a layer of protection from stains and UV ray damage. Additionally, the coat is waterproof. This will prevent the metal from rusting.

Pipe buckle design – The tabletop is attached to the frame using two pipes that run along the length of the table top. These pipes are inserted into a buckle located on the frame. This design provides more stability and minimizes shake.

Mesh storage basket – This basket is located underneath the tabletop and in between the legs of the frame. It is made out of mesh and is perfect for storing tailgating accessories as well as books and phones.

Roll up tabletop design – The lightweight aluminum tabletop can be rolled up into a compact size. This makes it extremely convenient to store and carry.

Carrying bag – This tailgating table comes with an easy carrying bag. It can comfortably store all the items needed to set up the table.

Supports weights up to 225 pounds – This table is strong and large enough to grill and eat on. You’ll be able to comfortably place your tailgating appliances such as grills and coolers without having to worry about your table breaking.

WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table Portability:

The ultimate aim of tailgating is to have fun. Having equipment that is bulky and stressful to store and transport is the complete opposite of this. Despite it’s huge size, the WUROMISE Foldable Table is extremely portable. It only weighs 13.2 pounds. The tabletop is made from lightweight aluminum. In addition, the tabletop is detachable from the frame. This makes it more compact and quite easy to store and transport. Furthermore, the tabletop comes with a roll up design. You’ll be able to fit both the frame and table top into a carrying bag. All these impressive feature make this tailgating table easy to move around with.

Portability Rating: 5/5

WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table Durability:

Replacing parts and components is expensive. It sucks the life out of tailgating as well as money out of your pockets. The WUROMISE Sanny Table has been built to last long. The frame is crafted out of sturdy metal. This allows the table to support a maximum weight of 225 pounds without breaking. Moreover, both the frame and table top come with a fashion coat. This coat is waterproof, stain and UV ray resistant. This means regardless of the weather your tailgating table is well protected. On top of that, the pipe buckle design is firm and provides stability. You’ll definitely use this tailgating table for many years to come.

Durability Rating: 5/5

WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table Ease of Use:

Having a tailgating table that’s easy to use is quite important. It minimizes time spent setting it up as well as making the tailgating experience smooth. This is definitely what you’ll get when you purchase the WUROMISE Outdoor Table. The frame pops out open and the tabletop is attached to the frame using pipes. It literally takes minutes setting it up. Besides that, this tailgating table comes with a storage mesh basket underneath it. This gives you extra room to store valuables as well as accessories and cutlery.

Ease of Use Rating: 4/5

WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table Visual Appeal:

Despite what people may say, looks do matter. We all appreciate a good looking tailgating table and we’d all love to own one. The Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table comes with a unique design. The table top comes with a modern slat design. In addition, the frame is well built. Not only does it offer the traditional four leg design but it also has pipes that cross each other at the top. However, this tailgating table only comes in one color: black. On top of that, the paint scheme is one toned. This means both your frame and tabletop come in the same color. If you like some variety this is definitely a bummer.

Visual Appeal Rating: 4/5

WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table Warranty:

Unfortunately we couldn’t find any warranty information on the WUROMISE Sanny Foldable Table.

WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table Accessories:

Accessorizing allows you to get more out of your camping table. Here are a few WUROMISE Outdoor Foldable Table accessories you can get:

If you’re thinking of buying these accessories check out Amazon.com. Their amazing deals and offers will help you save money when purchasing these products. Furthermore, Amazon.com Prime Members enjoy Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Shipping?

WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table Cost:

The WUROMISE Sanny Table costs $77. Buying tailgating products at a great price is important. This is why I love shopping on Amazon.com. Their great prices and incredible deals will leave a huge smile on your face as they do on mine. An example of this is their prime member offer. Amazon.com Prime Members enjoy Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Shipping.

Check the latest price on Amazon

What Do We Like?

The WUROMISE Foldable Table comes loaded with amazing features. Here are a few that impressed us the most:

Highly durable – The materials used to construct this tailgating table are of high quality. Despite being incredibly light in weight, they are incredibly strong and sturdy. Moreover, this unit comes with a fashion coat. This coat is waterproof, stain resistant and won’t get damaged from UV rays.

Comfortable sitting space – Whether you’ll be tailgating alone or with friends and family this unit is comfortable enough. At a height of 26.7 inches, this table stands tall. In addition, it’s large enough to comfortably sit up to 6 people.

Storage mesh basket – This feature is quite genius. It provides you with storage space that can be used in lots of ways. You’ll be able to store your cutlery as well as other valuables in a place that is easy to access.

Great maximum weight capacity – The maximum weight capacity of 225 pounds allows you to do loads of things with your table. You can comfortably place your tabletop grill onto the table without any stress. On top of that, you can prepare heavy cuts of meat or fish without worrying about your table breaking.

WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table Complaints:

Despite its great features, the WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Table falls short in one area. Here is the only complaint we found about this table:

Loose storage mesh basket – The storage mesh basket isn’t held firmly in place. This means that when you add items into the basket it slides down the legs of the frame. This is disappointing especially if you find yourself tailgating in damp or muddy ground.

Other Camping Tables To Consider

If you are still keeping your options open, here are some WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Table alternatives we’ve reviewed in the past:

Should You Buy The WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table?

If you are looking for a spacious well built tailgating table then the WUROMISE Foldable Table is perfect for you. It has been built using high quality materials. This ensures you have a durable and long lasting table. On top of that, both the frame and table top get a fashion coat that is waterproof and stain resistant. This makes this tailgating table all weather. Additionally, it is highly portable. It only weighs 13.2 pounds. The tabletop is detachable. This makes it extremely compact to store and carry. However, it comes with one flaw. The storage mesh basket can get loose and slides down the legs of the frame. Other than that, this unit is perfect for tailgating.

If you are convinced and want to purchase this tailgating table I’d highly suggest shopping on Amazon.com. Their prices and deals will definitely blow your mind. Moreover, Prime Members on Amazon.com enjoy Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day shipping.

Best Features

  • Highly durable
  • Comfortable sitting space
  • Storage mesh basket
  • Great maximum weight capacity

Worst Feature

  • Loose storage mesh basket

Thank you for reading my WUROMISE Sanny Outdoor Foldable Table review. If you still have any unanswered questions regarding this tailgating table you can check out the product’s page on Amazon.com. Your feedback is highly welcome so feel free to leave a comment below on this tailgating table or any other review.



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