Blackstone Tailgater Grill Review

Blackstone Tailgater Grill Review: Worth your time?

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Grilling is more than just a hobby. It brings people together, creates many beautiful memories and solidifies friendships. Having the right grill is what makes all of these possible. This is probably why you are looking at Blackstone Tailgater Grill reviews.

We understand how important it is to find the right grill and want to help you make unforgettable memories. In our Blackstone Tailgater Grill review below, we have unearthed some shocking discoveries about this grill. Want to know whether this is the grill for you? Stick around and find out.

About Blackstone Grills:

Blackstone is an American family owned company that manufactures griddles, ovens, stoves and grills, such as the Blackstone Tailgater grill. It’s headquarters are located in Logan, Utah and they can be found online at

Blackstone Tailgater Grill Features:

Great grills are all about build and performance. Here are some notable features about the Blackstone Tailgater:

  • 35,000 BTU output – This grill is fitted with two burners. A 15,000 BTU stainless steel burner and 20,000 BTU round cast iron burner that combine to give you a high grilling output of 35,000 BTU.
  • 447 square inches of total cooking surface – A non-negotiable deal breaker when it comes to tailgating grills is cooking space. The Blackstone Tailgater offers one of the largest cooking surfaces. You can grill and cook all your food on this grill at one go.
  • Adjustable heat control with an electric ignitor – You will be able to adjust your grill to your desired temperature using burner knobs. This grill does away with the traditional match lighting method and uses an electric ignitor.
  • Adjustable lower legs – This has to be the Blackstone Tailgater’s best feature. This grill comes with adjustable legs than can be fitted at the bottom of your grill. You can adjust the height of your grill depending on the terrain. This means you can virtually tailgate anywhere with this grill.
  • Extra large dual grease trays – It comes with two extra large grease traps that are efficient in collecting all the grease and cooking fats dripping from your grill.

Other Features to Note:

  • Multipurpose grill and griddle plate

Blackstone Tailgater Cleaning & Maintenance:

Regular cleaning and maintenance goes a long way in making your grill last long and perform well. Here are some tips on how to keep your Blackstone Tailgater in perfect condition.

Interior Cleaning

After every grilling session it is important to empty and clean your grease traps. Once your grill has cooled down, empty the grease pan and use warm, soapy water to clean it. Placing paper towels in your grease traps when grilling will help lessen your cleaning work.

Exterior Cleaning

This grill has a rust resistant exterior. Use warm, soapy water to clean the outside of your grill after every use.

Blackstone Tailgater Grill Portability:

The Blackstone Tailgater weighs 75 pounds and has the following dimensions: 48.5” height, 38.5” length and 24” width. This just shows you how big and heavy this grill is. It can be a task carrying this grill from one point to another without any help.

Blackstone Tailgater Warranty:

The Blackstone Tailgater comes with a 1 year warranty and a 90 day warranty on all accessories from the date of purchase. Regardless of their standard warranty, shopping on will provide you the most reliable world renowned customer service.

Blackstone Tailgater Accessories:

As big as this grill is, it’s no surprise that it has some add-ons to enhance your tailgating experience. Here are some Blackstone Tailgater accessories you can buy on

Blackstone Tailgater Replacement Parts:

Make your grill look new again with these Blackstone Tailgater replacement parts that can be found on for the best prices and FREE 2 day shipping if you are a Prime Member.

  • Tailgater regulator
  • Burner knob
  • Side handle
  • Burner tube
  • Leg set with propane bar

Blackstone Tailgater Grill Cost:

The Blackstone Tailgater is a high quality item that is competitively priced. It costs around $199 at the time of this review. But to get the latest and best prices, you may want to shop at which offers FREE 2 day shipping for Prime members.

What Do We Like?

The Blackstone Tailgater comes packed with amazing features. Here’s what really impressed us:

  • Multi-functional cooking surface – You can use the grill and cooktop to grill all of your food at one go. This multi-functional platform takes the whole tailgating experience to a whole new level as it allows you to be versatile in your cooking method.
  • Adjustable lower legs – The adjustable legs on this unit allow you to set up your grill on any terrain.
  • Strong rust resistant outer body – Quality and durability are important aspects of any grill. The Blackstone Tailgater has a strong and durable build. It is rust resistant which is an added advantage.
  • Easy and quick setup – No one wants to spend ages setting up a grill. The Blackstone Tailgater takes roughly 20 minutes to set up.

Blackstone Tailgater Complaints:

Despite its amazing features, the Blackstone Tailgater has some shortcomings. Here are some of the things that really caught our eye:

  • It is big and heavy – The size and weight of this grill can hinder your tailgating experience, especially if you are setting camp far away from your car. It’s lack of wheels aggravates this situation even more. This is unlike the Weber Jumbo Joe grill we reviewed here which was way lighter and more portable.
  • Installing the adjustable legs can be stressful – Due to its big size and heavy weight installing the adjustable legs can be a task, as this isn’t a one man job.
  • The gas regulators don’t perform well in cold weather – During cold weather the gas regulator limits the amount of gas supplied to the grill. This undermines your grills performance massively.
  • Messy grease traps – Cleaning the grease traps can be a headache. You will be required to place a paper towel on the grease trap before grilling to make cleaning your grease trap easier.
  • Can be difficult to use when windy – Grilling with the Blackstone Tailgater on windy days is close to impossible. It doesn’t come with pre-installed wind traps to protect your food from being blown off your grill.

Should You Buy The Blackstone Tailgater?

The Blackstone Tailgater is a high quality item that is budget friendly. Its high heat output coupled with its versatility makes it a great grill.

However, despite its reliable build and quality, we cannot overlook its flaws. Its weight and size can be an issue if you love exploring. You will also need to purchase more accessories, such as wind traps and an all weather regulator to make your grill function at its maximum capacity.

If you are looking for a portable grill perfect for outdoor tailgating then the Blackstone Tailgater may not be for you. The Blackstone 36” Griddle and the Weber Q 1200 Grill, which we have also reviewed here, may be better options. Feel free to check out those reviews too in your quest for the grill that meets all of your tailgating needs!

What’s Hot

  • Large multi-functional cooking surface
  • Adjustable lower legs
  • Strong and durable build and design
  • Easy and quick setup

What’s Not

  • It’s big and heavy
  • Installing adjustable legs can be stressful
  • Does not work well in cold weather
  • Messy grease traps
  • Doesn’t come with wind traps

Thanks for reading my Blackstone Tailgater review. Feel free to check out answers to the most frequently asked questions about this unit on the product’s Amazon Page. Finally, I would love to know what you think about this or any other tailgating grill you know of in the comments section below!


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