CORE 10x10 Instant Canopy Review

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Review: Bargain or Waste of Money?

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Any tailgate outing deserves uninterrupted fun whether its under the sun or during inclement weather. So it goes without saying that a shelter is simply a necessity. But not all tents fit the bill as reliable shades and that’s probably why you’re going through CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy reviews to determine whether the tent is any good.

Well, here at, we got you covered (pun intended)! No need to search any longer because we have prepared for you the ultimate and most comprehensive CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy review that you have been looking for. Unfortunately, as you will soon discover, not everything is sunny about this tent. So, before you fork out your hard-earned cash, you may want to read along carefully.

About CORE:

Company Highlights

  • Company Name: CORE Equipment
  • Product Name: CORE 10 x 10 Instant Shelter Pop-Up Canopy Tent
  • Corporate Website:
  • Headquarters: 8681 W. 137th Street, Overland Park, KS 66223
  • Owner: Unknown

CORE Equipment is a manufacturer of outdoor and recreational tools and equipment, including tents, lights, chairs, shelters, sleeping bags and more. The company was founded in 2014 and they are currently headquartered in Overland Park, Kansas.

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Construction and Design:


  • Open Shelter Dimensions: 10 x 10 ft.
  • Maximum Shelter Height: 9.3 ft.
  • Canvas Material: Heavy-duty 150D polyester
  • Frame Material: Steel
  • Package Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 111.6 in.
  • Product Weight: 38.7 lbs
  • Elevation: 3 Height Adjustments

You may think that all tents are the same. Well, they may look the same from a distance, but the features will tell the tale of what the tent is capable of. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what about the CORE Instant Canopy stands out the most:

150 Denier Polyester Fabric Top – 150 Denier is a pretty decent quality for any outdoor tent. With this CORE you get H2O Block technology with fully-taped seams to guard against harsh weather as well as dual canopy vents for additional air circulation.

Foldable Steel Frame & Legs – For mobility, they made the frame and legs collapsible in order to fit into a 4 ft. long wheeled carrying case. The tent also comes with ground stakes and tie downs for added stability and pinch-free buttons along the legs for convenient height adjustment.

Canopy-Style Roofing & Straight Leg Design – You’ll need canopy style roofing to prevent pooling of water on the roof of the tent as the water will redirect downwards. That design also gives you extra headroom for your lantern. The legs are  designed to stand straight.

Additional Features: 

  • Wheeled carry bag included
  • Meets CPAI-84 flammability requirements
  • White in color

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Livability:

CORE’s 10×10 Instant Shelter can comfortably provide shelter for 8-12 people sitting around a standard picnic bench. You also get vents in case it gets really hot outside, and the seams are taped to avoid leaks along the stitching.

The tent is also water-treated for better waterproofing, is earmarked to offer 50+ UV protection and the ground stakes and tie-downs should help stabilize the tent for the most part. But unlike other tents, such as this ABCCanopy, this one is not sidewall-ready, so you can’t add an awning for extra shade space.

Livability Rating: 3/5

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Ease of Set-Up:

The CORE 10×10 Canopy  is an instant shelter so it’s pretty simple to set it up. They say putting it up shouldn’t take longer than 2 minutes, and the process is a two-person job. You can then use the pinch-free buttons to level it up to your desired height. Once you add the ground stakes and tie-downs, your tent is ready for use!

Ease of set-up Rating: 4/5

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Wind Resistance:

CORE says their 10×10 Canopy can withstand winds of up to 15 mph when the stakes and tie-downs are installed. You can probably make it more stable by adding weight bags, but there’s no guarantee that the tent won’t eventually get shaky when the weather gets crazier than expected. Weight bags go for around $15 on, and you can always get Free shipping if you’re a Prime member.

Wind Resistance Rating: 2/5

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Durability:

Well, the canvas is made of 150-D polyester with taped seams for added durability. But 150-D polyester will give you at least a year and a half of service if you plan on using the tent frequently. The steel frame is also quite durable, with the ability to withstand tension and rust-free if kept dry. It may not be as strong as the Quik Shade tent of similar size with 300-D polyester, but with some good old love and care, you should get your money’s worth out of it.

Durability Rating: 3/5

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Portability:

The CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy weighs a little under 39 lbs, and is able to fit in a 4 x 2 ft. carrying bag. We were also excited that the carrying bag has wheels, so you won’t have to carry the tent around. The bag also has two compression straps that further reduce the size all the while taking the stress off of the zippers while stored.

Portability Rating: 4/5

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Warranty:

This CORE 10×10 Tent comes with a one-year limited warranty. But you’ll need your original purchase receipt to file a warranty claim. So if you run into trouble any time within the warranty period, you can get in touch with CORE on weekdays, 8am – 5pm CST or call them up on 1-888-775-5628. You can also email customer service at

But we all know how difficult dealing with warranty issues can be. That’s why it’s always good to shop at a trusted store like that’s known for reliable customer service and easy returns.

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Accessories:

We love equipment that we can accessorize with. You never know when they’ll come in handy, besides adding some extra style and comfort to the whole experience. So, here are a few CORE 10×10 Canopy accessories you can check out.

For the best price, you can check out and even take advantage of offers like the Free 1-3 Day Delivery if you’re a Prime member.

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Replacement Parts:

The CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy is clearly a tent made for the on-the-go tailgater. However, it’s bound to give in to wear and tear. That’s why instead of buying a whole new tent, replacement parts come in handy. Unfortunately, there’s no sign of any replacement part for this tent available online. So you may want to rethink your options if you’re keen on having replacement parts available before spending money.

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Cost:

The CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy will set you back around $128. To be certain that you’re getting the best deal on it, definitely check out You can also save on shipping if you’re a Prime member with the Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Delivery.

What Do We Like?

Portable – At a little under 39 lbs and also factoring in the wheeled carrying bag, it’s safe to say you won’t really need extra help to move the tent. The bag measures 49″ x 10″ x 8″ so you won’t have trouble finding trunk space for it. That’s about everything you would need from a tent with regard to portability.

CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Complaints:

Now that you know what’s good with the CORE 10×10 Canopy, it’s only fair to also let you know about the bad. So here are a couple of red flags about the tent to watch out for:

  • The Frame Develops Rust– Some customers say the frame rusted after a couple of months’ use. It’s clear this tent is not made for the beach based on the rust problems it may develop in areas with high humidity. So you may want to always store it while dry and frequently check for rust.
  • Cannot Withstand Strong Winds and Heavy Downpour – Based on reports we came by, the tent doesn’t hold up under strong winds. Again, any wind that blows the rain sideways will get anything under the canopy wet. But to be fair, this problem is inadvertent with most canopies. So you can’t really rely on it to keep yourself or your things completely dry for this reason.
  • No Replacement Parts – It seems the manufacturer hasn’t made any part available for replacement at the time of writing. This may be a deal breaker to some of you, so it’s up to you to decide whether it may be worthwhile in the long run.

Other Tailgating Tents To Consider:

If the CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy does not meet your standards, there are other tents that we have reviewed that you can consider:

Should You Buy The CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy? 

The CORE 10×10 Tent is your average canopy, but not everything is entirely average with it. The 150-D canvas is perhaps nothing to write home about, but you get a wheeled carrying case for added portability. Customers also say the bag is very sturdy with a full length zipper and a secondary one allowing further compression, and added compression straps that further reduce the size.

Again, the canopy and leg adjustment spring loaded pins have plastic housings and pinch-free buttons around them so no more bruised thumbs from pushing the end of a metal pin. Factoring in the reflective canvas for added UV protection, drop-down over eaves for less stress at the joints and vents in case you want to fire up your grill makes this tent a truly worthy buy.

If you want in on it, check out for the best prices and deals, such as the Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day shipping if you’re a Prime member.

Best Features

  • Portable

Worst Features

  • Frame may rust
  • Can’t withstand strong winds and heavy downpour
  • No replacement parts

It’s a wrap, folks! That’s my CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy review. Would you buy the tent? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. In case of any other questions, please visit the product’s Amazon page for answers.



4 thoughts on “CORE 10×10 Instant Canopy Review: Bargain or Waste of Money?

  1. I thought I had a winner but I was wrong. First the canopy wears out too fast if you plan on using it often. And my biggest complaint is try and get a replacement canopy, it’s obvious they focus more on getting new customers than keeping old ones. Shoulda bought Quick Shade has a much better quality canopy.

    1. Hi Daniel:
      Thanks for your input. Complaints like these are very helpful for those in search of the perfect canopy. As noted in our review, the lack of replacement parts for the CORE 10×10 canopy is a bummer and could be a deal breaker. That’s why is it always important to check the replacement part options, if any, before you make the purchase. Thanks again.

    2. VERY happy with my CORE 10 x 10. 3 trips out in the low desert, one with an afternoon and evening of 25 MPH sustained winds. Pleasantly surprised how able the canopy performed! I did upgrade the tiedown ropes to paracord from the thin shoelaces they provide and use 8 long steel stakes for every campout. Put one stake through the foot, spread, hang the tarp and stretch: A 1-MAN SETUP. A great lightweight, compact folding canopy, the result of careful research on my part.

      1. Hi James:

        Thanks for your input. It appears that people are having differing experiences with this canopy. Good job doing your research and looking into the replacement part options, always a must.

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