Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Review

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Review: Is It Any Good?

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Tailgating is my most accurate definition of a great weekend. In my crazy group of friends, I have the cooler guy, the grill guy, the designated driver and, of course, the shelter guy. If you happen to be the guy in charge of the tent, you probably already know that while mostly overlooked, tailgating shelters provide unmatched convenience and protection to your tailgating experience. But not all tents will provide the protection you need, and that’s probably why you’re going through some Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter reviews to determine whether this is the right tent for you.

So before you take the leap, how about we clear the air about this tent? We compiled an all-around, comprehensive Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter review and if what we uncovered is anything to go by, you should definitely read this shocking review  before making any rash purchase decisions.

About Quick Set:

Company Highlights

  • Company Name: Clam Outdoors
  • Product Name: Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter
  • Corporate Website: www.quicksetshelters.com
  • Headquarters: 12135 Brockton Lane N Rogers MN 55369
  • Owner: Dave Osborne

Quick Set, trading as Clam Outdoors Corp., is a leading manufacturer of camping and outdoor equipment, including shelters, tents, canopies, wearables, gears and the like. The company was founded by Dave Osborne and has been in the industry for about 30 years at the time of writing this review.

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Construction and Design:


  • Shelter Dimensions: 110 total square feet
  • Maximum Height: 7.5 ft
  • Canvas Material: 210 Denier Poly-Oxford fabric & No-See-Um Mesh Screening
  • Frame Material: Fiberglass
  • Item Dimensions: 140″ x 140″ x 90″ (72″ x 8″ x 8″ packed)
  • Product Weight: 34 lbs

With so many shelters flying around, choosing the right one for your needs is anything but obvious. With that in mind, let’s look at the outstanding Quick Set Pop-Up Tent features:

210 Denier Poly-Oxford Fabric & No-See-Um Mesh Screening – Known for its durability, the 210 Denier Oxford cloth is a versatile, waterproof, budget-friendly and lightweight canvas mostly used for tents designed to guard against extreme weather. You also get a fiberglass mesh screening on each side meaning it will keep out smaller flying insects like no-see-ums, gnats, sand flies, and other bugs.

94 Total Square Feet of Interior Space – The shelter is an enclosed, hexagonal pop-up tent, of 94 total square feet of interior space with a 90″ center height clearance and fits up to 8 people. You can ideally fit a standard picnic bench at the center.

Water Resistant Taped-Roof Panel – The roof is both waterproof and UPF +50-rated UV rated. You have the option of adding rain flaps to detour rain water to a specific side of the tent. Seven stakes with six tie down ropes complete the overall structure of the tent.

Additional Features: 

  • Built in corner grommets
  • Oversized carry bag included
  • 7 Stakes and 6 Tie Downs Included
  • Brown, green, camouflage and tan colors available

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Livability:

This 110 sq.ft. Quick Set Pop Up Shelter fits up to 8 people. You can place it over a standard picnic table. If you’re in a marshy or coastal area with all sorts of bugs, this is the shelter to go with thanks to the no-see-um mesh screening on each of the six sides.

The 210 Denier Poly-Oxford fabric doesn’t tear easily, is tough against extreme weather and fire redundant. With a UPF +50 UV rating you won’t feel the heat if it’s extremely hot outside, and the roof is also water resistant, with taped seams so you shouldn’t expect leakages.

Livability Rating: 4/5

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Ease of Set-Up:

The Quick Set Shelter Tent comes pre-assembled, and only takes 45 seconds to set up. The setup is a one-person job and the tent assembles right out of the oversized carrying bag.

Ease of Set-Up Rating: 4/5

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Wind Resistance:

If you truly want your Quick Set Pop-Up Shelter to stand up against strong winds and extreme weather, it would be best to add these weather panels. Each panel adds wind, rain, sun and bug protection to the shelter, and is also fireproof to some extent. Without the panels, the shelter may withstand winds of up to 15 mph. But with the panels, 40-50 mph winds shouldn’t stress you out.

Wind Resistance Rating: 4/5

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Durability:

The Quick Set Pop-Up Shelter will definitely stand the test of time owing to the fabric, reinforcements along the joints, taped seams and tie down straps around the base. The 210 Denier Poly-Oxford fabric has some good years in it, as it’s tear resistant and fire resistant based on US and Canada Fire Retardant Compliance. The tent is also supported by extra-large, flex-test 11 mm fiberglass poles that connect with the hub-style assemblies. You also get triple layer corner pole pockets to reduce wear and tear in addition to the water resistant taped seams.

Durability Rating: 4/5

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Portability:

The Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter weighs 34 lbs, and snuggles inside its over-sized carrying bag. It measures 72″ x 8″ x 8″ when packed, so you’ll need at least 6 ft of trunk space. But given how easy it is to set it up, it shouldn’t be a bummer to travel with this tent. However, unlike the ABCCanopy whose carrying bag has wheels, you’ll need to lift this one off the ground to move it.

Portability Rating: 3.5/5

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Warranty:

Clam offers a 1 year warranty against manufacturer defects for the Quick Set Pop-Up Shelter. However, the warranty doesn’t cover tears, broken or bent poles due to high wind or unattended use. They say they’ll replace the part at their own discretion. All you have to do is file a claim within the warranty period and they’ll respond within 5-7 business days. All the same, I bet you already know how inconveniencing dealing with warranty issues can be. That’s why it’s always good to shop at a store like Amazon.com where you’re guaranteed reliable customer service and hassle-free returns in case your deal is served raw.

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Accessories:

Accessories not only enhance the overall look of your tent, but also ensure that you get the most out of it. So here are a couple of Quick Set Pop-Up Shelter accessories worth checking out:

You can check them out on Amazon.com for the best prices, and take advantage of offers like the Free 1-3 Day Delivery if you’re a Prime member.

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Replacement Parts:

Never buy outdoor equipment without knowing whether you can conveniently replace a broken or worn-out part. Otherwise you’ll be back for a whole new one in record time. With the Quick Set Pop-Up, you can only replace the wind panels. Be sure to check them out on Amazon.com where you should get the best price for them and FREE 1-3 Delivery if you are a Prime member.

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Cost:

The Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter goes for a little over $260. One wind panel will set you back an additional $60. All the same, to stand the best chance of getting the best deal on it, definitely check out Amazon.com. You can even save on shipping if you’re a Prime member with the Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day Delivery

What Do We Like?

  • Durability and Versatility – 210 Denier Poly-Oxford fabric is definitely durable, and doesn’t tear easily. But what makes this tent stand the test of time is the 600 denier in center section of roof, fiberglass poles and the triple layer corner pole pockets. So it seems they focused on reinforcing the most vulnerable parts all the while using premium canvas to create an all-around durable tent.
  • Portable and Convenient- The Quick Set 9879 sets up in just 45 seconds, has all sorts of screening against bugs, fits inside a 6 ft long bag and weighs just 34 lbs. Most tents of similar or smaller size usually weigh slightly more, require assembly and don’t have screening. So with this tent you have the convenience of portability and easy setup, as well as privacy when you need some intimate time with those close to heart.

Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Complaints:

They say no good deed goes unpunished. So with all the good that the Quick Set Pop-Up Tent carries, there’s definitely bound to be some problems with the tent that you should know about, including:

  • Water traps in between linings – It may be quite challenging to keep this tent dry. Water from the roof channels down the linings around the roof’s base and pours down the side. Problem is, sometimes water gets trapped in between linings making it difficult to dry it off for storage.
  • No replacement parts – Besides the wind panels that are sold separately, you can’t conveniently replace any other part of this tent. So if the legs break or the canvas tears and you’re outside the warranty period, you’ll have to contact the manufacturer for a way forward, which is unclear at this time.

Other Tailgating Tents To Consider:

If any of the problems you’ve just read don’t sit well with you, here are a couple of Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter alternatives you can consider:

Should You Buy The Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter? 

Well this Quick Set Escape Shelter will definitely protect you from the sun, bugs and rain. You can set it up in under 60 seconds. It’s also sturdy and resilient under strong winds if you add the wind panels. Overall it’s a revolutionary shelter with added privacy, convenience in setup, and lightweight at the same time, compared to other tents of similar size.

The most outstanding features include the no-see-um mesh, 110 sq ft living space, 90 ft ground clearance, high-end durable fabric and taped seams. So the Quick Set Escape is perfect for tailgating or any other outdoor activity that requires protection from the sun, wind, rain and even bugs.

If you’re sold like I am, check it out on Amazon.com for the best prices and deals, such as the Free Guaranteed 1-3 Day shipping if you’re a Prime member.

Best Features

  • Durable and versatile
  • Portable and convenient

Worst Features

  • Holds water
  • No replacement parts

Well, show’s over folks! That’s my Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter review. Would you buy this tent? Please feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below. In case of any other questions, please visit the product’s Amazon page for answers.



2 thoughts on “Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter Review: Is It Any Good?

  1. Hey Chris, so good of you to review the Quick Set 9879 Escape Shelter. With the bountiful number of tailgating tents to choose from, it can be overwhelming to make a choice and that can very easily translate to procrastination of something that should be otherwise fun-filled.

    The portability of this shelter is impressive alongside its durability but you mentioned something about water getting trapped between its lining. Will this be a major cause for concern?

    1. Hi lyke, 

      As you can see from my review, I really like this tent. It comes packed with many features that makes it perfect for tailgating or other outdoor events. With respect to the complaint regarding water getting trapped between the linings, this should not be a deal breaker. The only concern there is that it may take some extra time to dry the tent before it’s stored away. In my opinion, the pros of this tent that I mentioned in the review far outweigh this minor issue and I still highly recommend it. 

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