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Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill Review: Killer Grill or Hard Pass?

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It goes without saying that behind every great tailgating party there’s a great grill. Without one, you better have some serious snacks and plenty of adult beverages. With so many grills to choose from, you run the risk of getting a raw deal. You probably feel the same way and that’s why you’re going through some Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill reviews to determine whether this hibachi-style cast iron grill would be the right choice.

Well, here at Simply Tailgating, we like to keep things real. We did the homework for you and we have all you need to know in this Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill review. Unfortunately, there are some serious concerns you need to be aware of. So, we suggest that you read this review carefully!

About Lodge Manufacturing:

Lodge Manufacturing, one of America’s oldest cookware companies still in operation today and makers of the Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill, was founded in 1896 by Joseph Lodge. The company is headquartered in South Pittsburg, Tennessee, United States. They are found online at Lodgemfg.com.

Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill Features:

Any grill worth its salt should have some serious barbecuing energy. So let’s check out some of the Lodge Cast-iron Sportsman’s Grill features.

Cast Iron Grill Grate – The whole grill, including the cooking grate, is made of cast-iron through and through. Apparently, the cookware’s seasoning is 100% vegetable oil; no synthetic coatings or chemicals.

120 square inches of cooking space – With the Sportsman’s you have enough cooking space for five burgers or two regular-sized steaks.

Front door with sliding bottom vents – To access the fire and charcoal area, there’s a door at the front. They also included sliding vents at the bottom for temperature control.

Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill Cleaning & Maintenance:

The Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill is as rugged as they come. Cleaning it shouldn’t be a problem, since the unit is fully cast-iron.

So to clean it, hand-wash it with regular dishwasher soap and a scrub. Let it dry immediately, even before first use. Then, after every wash, simply rub the grill with a light coat of vegetable oil, enough to restore the sheen without being “sticky”. This helps keep the iron “seasoned” and protected from moisture. To store it, keep it indoors in a dry space. If you’re keeping it outdoors, cover it with a grill cover, preferably the Lodge A1-410 grill cover available on Amazon.com.

Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill Portability:

The Sportsman’s Grill weighs 27.8 pounds and measures 19 x 8.2 x 10.2 inches. It’s a table-top grill in design with handles on either side, so you’ll need both hands to move it. The unit is almost similar in weight and size to the Weber Jumbo Joe, another table-top grill that we have reviewed, but definitely lighter than the Char-Broil Classic that weighs over 40 pounds.

Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill Warranty:

For warranty issues, you can contact the manufacturer here as product warranties vary depending on the model and location.

Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill Accessories:

The Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill is a fun and compact grill ready to be accessorized. You can get awesome deals on these accessories at Amazon.com.

Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill Replacement Parts:

The Lodge Sportsman’s Grill’s housing and fire door are not replaceable. However there are some replacement parts you can buy on Amazon.com including:

Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill Cost:

The Lodge Sportsman’s Grill is one of the best selling portable grills on Amazon.com. You can have this powerful, portable and durable charcoal grill for under $100, and also get FREE 2-3 Day Prime Delivery if you are a Prime member.

What Do We Like?

This Sportsman’s Grill is a grill you can actually have fun with. Here’s what impressed us the most:

  • Durable – This grill can last decades when properly maintained, with the whole thing made of the ever-tough and versatile cast iron.
  • Portable – It may be a little heavier than other grills in its class, but it can fit in any standard trunk without taking up too much space.

Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill Complaints:

There are a few negatives you may need to know about before buying the Lodge Sportsman’s Grill including:

  • No lid – You must do your cooking in open air. Otherwise, you may have to improvise if you insist on using a lid since the unit doesn’t have one.
  • Bare cast iron requires regular care – Remember, cast iron is durable, but it definitely needs regular care. You need to season the bare cast iron ideally with vegetable oil; otherwise it rusts easily.
  • Small cooking area – This grill won’t feed an army of tailgaters. It’s a small, family-sized unit with a considerably small cooking area. So you may want to keep that in mind before making your investment.

Other Tailgating Grills to Consider

If you prefer a grill of the same size, bigger or preferably with a lid, feel free to check out these Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill alternatives we’ve reviewed before:

Should You Buy The Lodge Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill?

The Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill is one of the best cast-iron grills around. It may be a tiny bit heavy, but you can flip some serious steaks on this bad boy. You may want to take care of the cast-iron while storing it to prevent rust, but this classic Hibachi style grill packs a punch where it matters most. It’s also built to last, so you’ll probably hand it down to the next generation of tailgaters. That said, if you’re sold, you can buy it on Amazon.com for the best price and can even get 2-3 day Free shipping if you’re a Prime member.

What’s Hot

  • Durable cast iron construction
  • Portable

What’s Not

  • No lid
  • Requires special care
  • Small cooking area

That’s a wrap folks! I hope now you have enough to decide whether the Cast-Iron Sportsman’s Grill is the right investment for you. If you have any comments, thoughts or opinions, feel free to share with us in the comments section below. If you have questions, you may find answers on the Product’s Amazon page.


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